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Slandering John Wesley

John Collins5/7/2012 4:40:00 PMWMB often goes into his misinterpreted history of his 'church age messengers,' telling how they only made it so far and then 'denominated' before they could reach the fullness of Christian life:
Wesley failed the same way as Sarah did, doubting the supernatural Birth being the baptism of the Holy Ghost, as Sarah did at the oak tree. When Wesley was introduced to the supernatural, when the Pentecostal age come on and Wesley was introduced to speaking in tongues and all This, they laughed and made fun of It. All you church of Christ, and you, so-called, and you Baptists, and Presbyterians, every one of you, turned your nose up, on It, and went away from It. Right. What'd you do, Wesley? You sold your child to an organization, and it died and perished. That's exactly right.

John Wesley would roll over in his grave to know the slander that WMB has done towards him for all these years, and the millions of people around the world that now believe it because of WMB's deception

In his comment on Matthew 3:11 Wesley remarks
He shall fill you with the Holy Ghost, inflaming your hearts with that fire of love, which many waters cannot quench. And this was done, even with a visible appearance as of fire, on the day of pentecost"