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William Sowders & Branham

John Collins5/6/2012 8:32:00 AMA brother in Christ sent me information regarding the connection between William Sowders and WMB:

This article concerning William Sowders "Apostle of Restoration" as styled by his followers illuminates the various experiences in the life of William Branham, "Prophet of Restoration" as style by his followers.

Voice on the Ohio River
Thought to spend his life hunting and fishing
Worked as a patrolman
Experienced the Pentecostal Movement early in life
Message was to be, "MY Gospel."
Spiritual experiences questioned
Unlocks (reveals) hidden Truths
Opposes denominations
Has a secret that he carries to the grave
4th grade education
Spoke in foreign languages understood by others
Brother George Audrey reveals the "secrets of the heart."
Woman speaks what she should not have said, repents and is healed
Cloud in his ministry
Both white and black attend meetings
Godhead is addressed
Emphasizes Baptism
Has tent meetings
Prophesies future events
Works on "beast" system and Roman Catholic Church
Predicts the ecumenical movement
Predicts race riots
Has "third pull" doctrine
Teaches about the Perfect Man
Short quick work taught
Bride taught

William Branham sat among the "GA's" Gospel Assembly in the early '30's, knew William Sowders personally, drew early inspiration from him, mentioned the "School of the Prophets" and attended the meetings for a season. Many, many of the later teachings and experiences of William Branham parallels that of William Sowders. As there is nothing new under the sun so the experiences of one earlier preacher is modeled by that of a later preacher of the same basic persuasion.

The Lord did not return in the time of William Sowders nor that of William Branham nor did their minstry forerun the immediate PAROUSIA of Yeshua as they had hoped and taught. The PAROUSIA of Yeshua is yet to become a literal reality save for various sects and cults who proclaim He has already returned in their doctrinal errors. But Wisdom is justified of her children and the coming to pass of the Word is indeed the only correct interpretation.

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Thanks, Zechariah 7!!!!

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