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John Collins5/5/2012 10:27:00 AMAgain, WMB uses 'Ephesus' for some unknown purpose:
Now if many of you like to just mark down Scriptures that a minister reads. And I would like for you to, tonight, if you would, to turn to Ephesians.
And I was speaking last Sunday on the Ephesians, how that the Book of Joshua was the Ephesians of the Old Testament, and how it was a Book of redemption.
And redemption has two different parts: "come out of" and "entering into." First, you have to come out. Some people wants to bring the world in with them; but you got to come out of the world, to enter into Christ. You have to come out of unbelief, to enter into faith. There cannot be one thing in your way. To really have genuine faith, you must absolutely leave everything that's contrary to the Word of God, behind, to enter into faith.
And that was the Book of the Ephesians of the Old Testament, Joshua. Where, Moses represented the law, could not save no one; but grace could, and here Joshua is the same word like Jesus, "Jehovah-saviour."
And now then, we find out that we have come to another Ephesians, another Ephesus now. Where, that, in our intellectual denominations and so forth, and all of our educational programs has come to its--its Jordan, then we must have an--an Ephesians again. We must have an exodus, to "come out" and to "go into," for the Rapture.

There are multiple problems with this section. First, 'redemption' does NOT mean 'come out of' and 'enter into.' Here are the facts:
Redemption means 'deliverance.'
Exodus means 'come out of'
Ephesus means "To let go, relax." (it was the story of the backslidden church)
None of these words means 'go into'

In Ephesians, Paul is not teaching the group to separate themselves from the unbelievers -- he is teaching them to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ! No mysteries, no secrets for some Masons-style group, just the plain and simple Mystery of the prophets that had been revealed already in Jesus Christ.

When you raise a Bible question, or show a MSG minister something that is wrong, it reminds me of this statement:
Now if you want to listen to the clucking of some denominational hen, and live back out there in the things of the world, then it goes to show that there is something wrong. Because, That is the Word.

Try to show one of these threads to someone in the MSG, with the humble attitude that you simply want to learn more about God's Word, and understand it as the Truth above all else! See if the Branhamite denomination does not do the same!

Again, WMB says that the prophets are likened to 'eagles':
We find now that God was so merciful to Moses out there in that dead sea, out in the Red Sea out there, rather. Then when He said here, in Exodus 19:4, He said, "I carried you away on eagles' wings, brought you to Myself. Carried them on eagles' wings, and brought you to Myself!" There was other men in the middle of that sea out there, also, trying to impersonate. But what? "He carried them on eagles' wings."
Now God always likens His prophets to eagles. And what was it? Moses was His messenger. And they were following Moses, and that was the eagles' wings that they were carried on, because he was packing God's message.

This is a common theme throughout WMB's ministry, and yet is not Biblical. It can only be used for a prophet who is attempting to make himself very close to the level of God.

The eagle is used for a little over 30 references in the Bible:
  • God: Exodus 19:4, Deuteronomy 28:49, Proverbs 23:5, Jeremiah 49:16, Deuteronomy 32:11, Ezekiel 17:7
  • The actual bird: Leviticus 11:13, Deuteronomy 14:12, ob 39:27, Proverbs 30:19, Ezekiel 1:10, Ezekiel 10:14
  • Speed of Warriors: 2 Samuel 1:23, Jeremiah 4:13, Jeremiah 48:40, Jeremiah 49:22, Lamentations 4:19, Habakkuk 1:8
  • Passing of Time: Job 9:26
  • King of Babylon: Ezekiel 17:3,
  • Nebuchadnezzar's hair: Daniel 4:33
  • One of the Four Kings: Daniel 7:4
  • One of the Four Creatures: Revelation 4:7
  • The Woman: Revelation 12:14
  • Eagle announcing the three angels: Revelation 8:13
  • Edom: Obadiah 1:4
  • Baldness: Micah 1:16
  • YOU AND ME: Psalm 103:5, Isaiah 40:31

The Truth of the matter is that God likens HIMSELF to an eagle. According to the Bible, YOU AND I have just as much 'likening' to an eagle as WMB does.

WMB compared Korah and Dathan to those who did not believe himself:
We could say the same about Korah and about Dathan and their gang of unbelieving people, as they tried to impersonate. They tried to inflict something into God's program. They didn't like a one-man program. They didn't like that. They had to have something to do. Korah said, "Why, there is more holy men than you, Moses. You act like you're the only beach on the... or the only pebble on the beach, rather." And said, "I--I... you oughtn't to do that. And there is more men here."
And Moses knowed that he was to carry those children over into the promised land, because the promise was given to him. And he must pack them to the promised land.

The reverse of this statement could also be said from Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, or any of the other spiritual leaders of the day. WMB did the same thing as Korah and Dathan if you really stop and think about it. (assuming you have already read through the fabricated prophecies in this forum and have made that conclusion).

For those that still believe WMB is a prophet, just skip the statement above and continue comparing to the Bible....

WMB Gives the story of William D. Upshaw:
Way back there sat an old man, Congressman Upshaw, many of you knows his testimony. He had been a good man, tried all of his life, sixty-six years an invalid in a wheel chair, pushed in bed; crutches under his arms, that he walked with, never no more to walk normal. And there he sat there, looking on that. And all of a sudden, I looked out and saw a vision. Here he come, walking down across the top of that audience, bowing his head, could walk as good as anybody. I didn't know who the man was. I said, "There is a great man sitting back there. He fell off of a wagon when he was a little boy, onto a hay frame, and hurt his back. They bored holes in the floor, to keep the vibration, when the people walked, from striking on his back." I said, "He becomes a great man, and he keeps growing greater. He is sitting in a great circle at the White House." And then this man come and told me, said, "That's Congressman Upshaw. Did you ever hear him?"
I said, "Never heard of him." And so he run a little extension mike back there and they was talking, back and forth.

Then I started to look around, and I seen the old Congressman coming, walking towards me, in a vision, just as perfect and normal as he could be. God, rich in mercy, pulled him from that wheel chair, and he walked without crutches till the day he died. God rich in mercy! When doctors had failed, when science had failed, when everything else had failed, God was rich in mercy to Congressman Upshaw.

WMB claims that he was preaching and saw a vision of Congressman Upshaw. The 'vision' is told in full during other sermons, clearly laying out the situation: WMB preaching, Upshaw in the meeting, a vision strikes WMB, he goes to the congressman, and then WMB finds out who the congressman is.

It differs from Upshaw's own testimony, however. WMB had exhausted and was being carried out. His first retelling of the story includes no vision, but over time the story grows.
I walked into that Branham-Baxter meeting in Calvary Temple, Los Angeles, in February, 1951,...on my crutches that had been my "buddies" helpful comrades for 59 of my 66 years as a cripple... 7 of those years having been spent in bed...We knew "Billy" Branham would be great but we were not prepared for Baxter, who is an imperative John the Baptist, preparing the way for Branham. I sat entranced, still praying for "appropriating faith," but holden somehow to that contact... and that contract with the Lord 60 odd years ago. Others were healed all around me. Then Brother Branham, exhausted, was carried from the platform. Angels were hovering near! I knew my blessed wife and her "prayer warriors" were wrapping me in prayer. I remembered how she said, "When you are trying to lead a sinner to accept Christ, you say: "Accept...confess Christ and step out- He will do the rest and bring the feeling.'" "It was the touchstone. Brother LeRoy Kopp, Calvary's Temple golden hearted pastor, came back to the pulpit and said: "Brother Branham says, 'The congressman is healed'." My heart leaped. I said in my battling soul, "Brother Branham knows the mind of God....I will step out and accept the Lord as my healer. "I laid aside my crutches and started toward the startled LeRoy Kopp and my happy, shouting wife...and he bottom of Heaven fell out...My crutches are still on the Calvary temple pulpit, and I am "Happy on the way...Leaning on the Everlasting Arms." Praise God!
William David Upshaw. 2524, 24th Street, Santa Monica, Calif.

On April 09, 1951, WMB stated Upshaw lived for many years afterwards, though he actually died within 23 months of his healing, or on Nov. 21, 1952

It is interesting that the 'organization' has removed the questionable parts from this testimony on their website:

Throughout his ministry, WMB explained his commission. The angel supposedly said that "as Moses was given two signs, so will you [WMB] be given two signs." Here is yet another place:
Moses was given two signs, and each sign had a voice. That's right. I preached on it here sometime ago, somewhere, on, The Voice Of The Sign. It must have a--a Voice of the sign. It's a changing. Always it's that way. If it isn't, then it didn't come from God.

Many followers of WMB do not realize that this is not Biblical. Moses was given THREE signs, not two:

1) Turning the rod into a serpant - a symbol of Satan and God's power over Satan.
2) Turning his right hand into leprosy - a symbol of sin. Curing the leprosy on his hand, it shows that God forgives our sins.
3) Turning the water into blood - the symbol of life.
After the three signs, the message came forth: Let my people go.