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Give God the Blessing Forever and Ever

John Collins05/01/2012
Right before David died in 1 Chronicles 29, he blessed the Lord for the entire glory of his life before the people.

He said that the Lord was blessed forever and ever, and that the greatness and the power, glory and victory, and the majesty in the heavens and in the earth was His.  This was His kingdom, and the Lord is exalted as head above all things.  Both riches and honor came from the Lord, and the Lord rules over everything.  In His hand is power and might, and that hand is blessed as it made people like David great to give strength to all.  David thanked the Lord for it, and praised the Name of the Lord.

David asked, "Who am I?"  He felt humbled that the people would come together and offer in abundance so willingly.  All things come from the Lord, and God's children had given so freely back to the Lord.  David said that they were strangers before God, and sojourners as all their fathers were.  Their days on the earth were nothing more than a shadow.  

David declared that all of the offering was provided for building a house for the Lord, for His Holy Name comes from His hand, and all is His own.  David said that he knew God tests the heart and finds pleasure in uprightness.  The people offered these things with the uprightness of their heart, giving freely and joyously unto the Lord.  

David prayed that the Lord would continue to keep the purpose and thoughts in the hearts of His people directed to the Lord forever.  He prayed that Solomon, his son, would use the offering to build the palace that the David had provisioned.
Then David turned to the assembly and said, "Bless the Lord your God."  The entire assembly blessed the Lord, the God of their fathers, and bowed their heads to pay homage to the Lord and King. 

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Have we forgotten that all things come from God, and all things are His?  When we have the money for a new home or a new car, do we bless the Lord who provided it for us?  Do we realize that even the small things we are blessed with come from the Lord?  Under the new covenant, where man's heart is the temple, do we offer to others who are in need?  Do we bless God by helping another who can't provide sufficient food for their families or a car that is reliable for work?  Are we blessing the Lord, or are we blessing ourselves?