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The Scroll Written To Israel

John Collins04/27/2012
The scroll of Malachi starts out telling about God's Love for Israel and how the Priests offerings were polluted.

The title line, or first line in the scroll, gives the title of "The burden of the Word of the Lord to Israel by Malachi.  The "burden of the word" can also be interpreted as "oracle", and the scroll speaking to Israel tells of the prophesy of Malachi from God to the children of Israel.

Through Malachi, the Lord said that he loved Israel.  Though it may not have seemed that way, but God said that their eyes would sone day see Edom's kingdom destroyed.  They would be called "the wicked country" and "the people with whom the Lord is angry forever."

Malachi writes in the scroll that the priests did not fear or honor God.  They despised His Name, because they had polluted the food upon His altar.  They offered blind animals, those that are lame or sick, and did not honor God.  God said to present the same offering to their governor, and asked the priests if they would accept or show favor.

God asked through Malachi, with such a gift from your hand, will He show any favor to them?  He said that he wished there was one among them that would shut the doors so that they would not kindle fire on His altar in vain.  God said that he had no pleasure in them, and would not accept their offering.

He said that his name would be great among the nations, but they now polluted it.  The offering they gave had been taken by violence, or was lame or sick.  God cursed the cheaters.

Malachi wrote, "For I am a great King, says the Lord of hosts, and my Name will be feared among the nations."

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Is our offering to God polluted?  Have our leaders taken the scroll of Malachi written to Israel and perverted it to their own purpose?  Are our tithes being used for the glory of God, or are they collecting in a bank account somewhere for the glory of the elders?  Has our offering been given with sincerity for it's purpose, or has it been requested by the elders through the sale of sick, lame trinkets in a cardboard box of idolatry?  When God stops down "the wicked country," will we be in it?  Do we even realize that God is a great King and His Name will be feared among the nations?