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A Snapshot In Time

John Collins4/22/2012 1:17:00 PMSeveral posts recently lead me to believe there are many who feel that when God leads a person to the Truth, their understanding of that Truth is 'frozen in time' from then onward. One poster brought up the Nicene crede (one of WMB's classic 'frozen in time' analogies.

The truth is that the original Nicene Creed was produced at a time that Christianity was an 'underground religion,' and not a result of the 'Great Church' trying to mix Pagan ideas into the church. Cult leaders, such as the Jehovah's Witnesses will not tell you about the continual reformation.

The early church knew that Christianity was the True religion, but did not understand God. They produced the best explanation they could for the knowledge they had at the time, but over time continued to change as new knowledge came forth. The understanding of the Godhead itself has changed significantly from the time the first 'Nicene Creed' was created, in the same way that our own spiritual growth has changed since we were children.

A problem that I can quickly see is that most MSG believers contain their entire study of the Bible and Bible history according to what WMB claims -- which in many cases are not accurate. One of many examples is the baptism; there were many baptizing as Jesus told them (The Father and the Son, and the Holy Ghost) long before the Nicene council. The "Didache" (Book of Teachings of the Twelve Apostles) includes an instruction to baptize as Jesus instructed in the Great Commission

When we cut our learning off from the year 1965 forward, we lose forty-seven years of spiritual growth and understanding as a whole. This lack of basic knowledge makes it impossible to debate the more advanced topics, such as Serpent's Seed or the Godhead. Without that knowledge, there is no other basis for the fundamentals -- the fundamentals that WMB gave are not historically accurate.

This results in a large problem. The advanced topics just lead everyone in circles trying to explain "architecture" before most people have learned "shapes". People get so caught up in these two topics that they miss the much bigger picture. Why debate using WMB's background knowledge when there is solid proof that WMB lied about a 'spritual cloud?' Why debate serpent's seed, when we find solid proof that WMB added words to his scripture reading to twist the meaning? Why believe his 'spiritual revelations' when we find solid proof that he copied some of these 'Thus Saith The Lord revelations' from Clarence Larkin?

I think it is best to halt the posting on the two subjects that lead people in circles. Until one learns that the history they've been taught is not accurate, the greater things will simply slip over their head.

We must first release ourselves from our "snapshot in time" from 1965 and bring our knowledge and understanding of history and the Bible to where it needs to be.