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Helping Each Other on the Journey

John Collins4/20/2012 7:00:00 AMObviously I do not believe everyone in every Church is at this point in time worthy for the kingdom of heaven. I myself am not worthy. I do believe there are some who are called by Christ, and He will help those who are called. It is only by Grace that we are saved, and by faith in Jesus Christ. All who believe on Him can be saved.

It is a journey for every man and woman on the face of this earth, and they can choose the paths in which they take. Every person on this earth is born into sin, and can take the path of righteousness or the path to hell.

I believe there are Christians in the message, and yes I believe there are Christians other churches. Some are deceived, they are studying many things that are false, but they also read from the (many of) the same scriptures that we do. In those scriptures are Truth.

Some will accept the Truth. Some will continue their journey to Christ, and it will certainly lead them into a church that believes in Christ and puts Christ as their absolute. Some ministers in some churches will come to know the Truth, and entire churches may be led to know Jesus Christ.

Having been indoctrinated for 36+ years of my life, thinking that I know the Truth and finding out that there is not even a single valid prophesy in the religion that I held dear, I know where I myself have been. I know that God has called me out of it to serve Him.

There are websites that taught me this with love and understanding. Those were the ones that helped to lead me to the Truth. Those that started to condemn me and blast all MSG believers as a whole hardened my heart and delayed my journey.

I do not consider myself a teacher, a leader, a Bible scholar, or even a man that is worthy to have a website and forum that has the worldwide reach that it currently has. I struggle daily, praying that God would give me something good to write that could touch someone and help them to see the Truth.

I am no expert on the Godhead, nor do I claim to be. I know that WMB was wrong in several explainations, and I know that he changed his own opinion several times throughout his ministry. In just four months, I also have changed my opinion.

The church, as a whole, has changed their opinion several times throughout the years. It went from modalism to dualism to a Trinity with three separate persons to a Trinity of three personalities of the One same God. Many churches around the world are stuck in one of those milestones of learning.

God is greater than our minds can fathom, He cannot be limited to time or space. If the great men of old could be so 'wrong' and worship the same God, I feel that there are many in the other churches can do the same. God will show them the Truth in His time -- not when someone decides to post it in a tiny forum post that 99% of them will never even read.

My stand is to help others. I am on a journey, and I am just at the very beginning of that journey. I can only trust that God would lead me on it, and help someone else along the way.

Join me in your journey. Pray for me, and I will pray for you.