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Plagiarism of Clarence Larkin

John Collins4/19/2012 9:01:00 AMMany have heard that William Branham plagiarized Clarence Larkin, but few are willing or able to do the research to compare the two.

Some who have heard this cast it aside, saying that Branham got his "research" from several places (including historians), but fail to realize that the pastors of today and Branham himself claimed this as divine revelation:
You know I've always tried to be this, and our Lord has always revealed it to me; there's one extreme, and another extreme, but right in the middle of the road lays the Truth. (60-1204E THE.PATMOS.VISION)

I find it odd that the headquarters have these excellent "blank spot on tape" whenever they find something plagerized.
Now we're going to read the sevenfold glory of His Person. Oh, my! This makes me shout before I get to it. []

To make things easier for those who struggle with research, I have taken a sample from Branham's message "The Patmos Vision", and compared it to Larkin's "Sevenfold Glory".

You will find that not only were the main points and topics the exact same, even the supporting scriptures matched to the letter.

You can find the new publication here:

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