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John Collins4/18/2012 8:41:00 PMThere are many stories floating around about the amount of money stored up when WMB died. Some of it (still being confirmed) was supposedly used to found VOGR, some of it came in only through the local church. There are rumors of what the church has stored up in the bank (also still being confirmed).

When our new pastor (at the Baptist church) asks for us to give tithes and offerings for special causes, he is very open and forthcoming about where this money goes. If there is a special need for disaster relief, we know which disaster. If it is going to missionaries, they tell us the amount, and where it is going. If it is simply church tithing, it is all laid out plainly and clearly. We know the donation goal, how much is needed, and how many churches this is spread across.

I found this to be a drastic change from when I attended a MSG church. Where did all the money go? I very seldom (almost never) heard about anyone receiving assistance. When I did hear of it, it was only someone who not only attended the church, but who attended regularly. I've seen many in need in the MSG churches who have never received ANYTHING. I can confirm that when I was jobless and went to the pastor, I did not receive a dime.

So, take this example:

Say the average person in the church makes 50,000 / year. (Many make more than this, obviously, and many less.)
Say the average attendance Sunday morning is 350 people. (I've seen close to 500 at times.)
Say the pastor is paid 100,000 (according to the "books")
Say the utilities, upkeep & maintenance is 100,000 / year

If everyone in the church gave ten percent, this would be a profit of $1,550,000 / year.

It has been 46 years since WMB's death, so some of these pastors have preached for 47 years. If they received this amount for 47 years, they would have a profit of $72,850,000

Obviously, the economy has changed over time, and the attendance has fluctuated. We can't assume there will have been a profit of over a million bucks for 47 years.

So to be fair, let's take just 15% of this 47 year profit. We come up with $10,927,500 in a single message church alone! This does not include any donations to VOGR, no special offerings, no monies for special meetings! TEN MILLION BUCKS!!!! AT ONLY 15% MARGIN!!!!

There are records held by every church that show the "books," but there seems to be a VAST difference in the amount of money given, spent, and used for the operations of the church. We don't hear of any "large relief operations" like the Southern Baptist churches (the largest relief organization in the world.) We find missionaries in other countries without even shoes on their feet. We find poor families in every church, barely able to make ends meet.

Then, how many overweight pastors do we find? How many are driving expensive cars? How many have expensive houses? Eat out constantly? Expensive vacations?

I have listened to MSG pastors and songleaders that were so fat they could barely breathe to make noise, while the Bible condemns gluttony.

I beg anyone to tell me:

What does a church do with ten million bucks??????