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A Dove of Deception

John Collins4/10/2012 6:17:00 PMI can remember watching this video over a hundred times. There are many who keep pictures of it in their homes. Some hold it to the same value of the halo picture (you can read about in another post).

Speaking to a video analyst about the supernatural videos posted here and there, I reviewed this one with him. There were multiple problems with it, but he said that I didn't need an expensive analyst for this video -- I had the tools to prove it false myself.

Watch the hand moving upward in the video. Watch the "dove" moving across the screen and then upward. Then watch the frame rate of the hand versus the frame rate of the dove. The dove was not in the original video! The frame rates are different!

This video has either been doctored, or was not a clean recording. ...and the changes that it is not a clean recording are highly unlikely...