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Overpowering Jesus

John Collins4/9/2012 8:27:00 AMWMB had a strange view of Jesus. I recommend everyone do a quick study of Gnosticism, and you'll be surprised to find how much of this pagan belief system was integrated into the words of WMB. (

Gnostics believe that the good one and the evil one were one day equal, created by God. It is mixed all through the dead sea scrolls, that were being translated to English during WMB's ministry. The good one and the evil one were not eternal. WMB taught this throughout his ministry.
See, there cannot be an Eternal son, because a son had to have a beginning. And so Jesus had a beginning. God had no beginning. See?
("Q and A on Hebrews, Part II," 10/2/57, COD, page 273)

How can He be an eternal son, when eternity never began or never ends? And a son is something that is begotten of.
("Is This The Time," 12/30/62, V-2, N-11, page 36-7)

When you consider that WMB taught that the church age messengers (having set himself up as one of them) had eternal life, and Jesus did not have eternal life, it borders the line of blasphemy.
I tell you, brother, the devil can whoop you around the stumps on how you felt when you got it. Somebody said, "I feel good, the reason I know I got It." Now, that's not the reason I know I got It. The reason I know I've met God's condition and the devil can't tramp on the Word of God. It's THUS SAITH THE LORD. That's it. Upon the basis of the promise of God, I've met God conditions and know I have Eternal Life. That's the way every believer does it, 'cause he's met God's conditions and the requirements that was laid down to him. Oh, my.

So my question again would be this: Was WMB setting himself for power, like David Koresh, James Jones, and others, or did he simply have "accidental blasphemy?"
Second question to ask yourselves: After reading this, why do you think God called WMB off the scene?