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Vision 2: Mussolini

John Collins4/3/2012 7:54:00 PMMussolini, Rev. Branham claimed, was in his original prophecy as both being one of the possible leaders of Communism until the end of the world as "the king of the north", and having his last invasion in Ethiopia. He truly was a ruthless dictator, though not nearly as insane as Hitler. Before the public knew of the Holocaust, Mussolini would have seemed to be just as large a threat as Hitler.

He first said that he did not know which of the world powers would take control, but said that it was to be one of the three: Mussolini, Hitler, or Stalin.

and how that Fascism of Mussolini, and Hitler, and Stalin. I said, "One of them will take the place of it. I don't know which one it'll be, but I believe it'll be the king of the north.

After Mussolini died, Rev. Branham changed this opinion to claim that he had previously prophesied that he knew one of them would never take control. He also said that this would be his last, and he would end in disgrace.

Said, "This new dictator, Mussolini, will take his first step toward Ethiopia, and Ethiopia will fall at his feet." It did. It said, "That'll be his last. He will end in disgrace."

Once he found out that Ethiopia was not his last invasion, he took out the "That'll be his last" portion in his account of the vision.

But the Lord showed me a vision of the great powerful woman, in '33, 1933, it's on paper. Of how that "Roosevelt would cause... he would help cause the world to go to war." How that "Mussolini would make his first invasion to Ethiopia and he would take it, but he would come to a disgraceful end."

Later in his ministry, as his hatred for women who did not adhere to his teachings grew, he added that he also had prophesied that Mussolini's mistress would also perish after Ethiopia was conquered.

Notice. I said, "Mussolini is standing up as a dictator; he will make his first invasion to Ethiopia. But he will take Ethiopia, but he will come to a disgraceful end, him and that woman both."

Five of those things has perfectly been fulfilled exactly. How Mussolini would rise and go to Ethiopia, and fall at his steps; and he would be turned to the people, in shame, with a woman.

How Mussolini would go to Ethiopia, and Ethiopia would fall at his step, and then how that he'd come to a disgrace, and be spit on by his own people; and disgraced, hung upside down, with that prostitute that he lived with, on the street.

Once it had became news of the mystery surrounding Hitler's death, Hitler was added to the vision.

How Mussolini, how he'd come to his end. How Hitler would come to a mysterious end.

Now, let's compare the original vision to the vision that it became:

If Mussolini takes Ethiopia, then either Mussolini, Hitler, or Stalin would come to power.

Mussolini would die with his mistress after Ethiopia was invaded, and Hitler would die mysteriously

There are many more instances where this portion of the vision are mentioned, but there are several important things to note here:

• The first instance of this vision being announced on recording was long after the event actually happened, 1954
• The first instance did not include the details about it being his last invasion
• Mussolini, and Hitler, and Stalin were in one vision as being the head of the communist party - and Branham did not know which one would be it. ...which is very strange if Mussolini would be dead.
• The later ones include the woman who died with Mussolini - during the times when Rev. Branham was preaching so hard against the women of the day
• After Rev. Branham found out it was not Mussolini's last invasion, that part was taken out of the prophesy
• Also important to note, though it may have no bearing in the subject, at the time the vision would have been prophesied, Ethiopia was named Abyssinia, and it was called the Italo/Abyssinian War.

But the most important thing to note is that this was not Mussolini's last invasion. After invading Ethiopia, Mussolini invaded Spain, Albania, Africa, Greece, Yugoslavia and more.

When Mussolini rose into power, many feared and knew that he would become as power hungry as Hitler or Stalin. Mussolini was ousted by the socialist party and began to bring instant power to Fascism. Though the first variation of the vision came after the event, the first fears of the nation was that Fascism, Communism, or Socialism would take over the world.

In an effort to create an Italian Empire, or as his supporters called it, "The New Roman Empire", he invaded Abyssinia (or what would later be known as Ethiopia). This invasion was titled the Italo-Abyssinian War. In May, 1936, Ethiopia became part of "Italian East Africa".

In July 1936, Mussolini got involved in the Spanish Civil War, which resulted in his relationship with Hitler. In 1939, he made the "Pact of Steel" with Hitler, which made the "Rome-Berlin Axis" official.

When World War II began, Mussolini decided to enter the war on the Axis side, declaring war on Britain and France. His invasion of France ultimately resulted in the surrender of France to the Axis. From there, he was involved in Sudan, Kenya, and conquered British Somaliland.

His last major battle was war with the Soviet Union. Italian forces were spread so thin over parts of the world, and were so broken down that Mussolini lost his political power and influence over his people. Not long after, he was dismissed, arrested, and publicly humiliated.

When compared to Rev. Branham's vision, "Mussolini, will take his first step toward Ethiopia, and Ethiopia will fall at his feet." and "That'll be his last. He will end in disgrace", the actual history reveals some major conflicts.

This vision is clearly a moving target.