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Healing by Faith in Jesus Christ

John Collins04/02/2012
Matthew 17 describes how the father of an epileptic son came to Jesus for mercy on his child.

The father told Jesus how the son was in such bad shape that he would fall into the fire and water very often.  The father had previously brought the boy to the disciples for healing, but they were unable to heal the child.

Jesus did not rebuke the father for his lack of faith.  He said that he was living in a "faithless and twisted generation," and rebuked the demon in the child.  The demon immediately came out of the child, and the boy was healed instantly.

The disciples came to Jesus privately to find why they could not cast the demon out of the child.  Jesus said that their faith was very little.  He said that if they only had the faith of a single grain of mustard seed, they could move a mountain.  He did not say that it was the faith of the father that prevented the healing.

With just the faith of one grain of a mustard seed, nothing will be impossible.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  If a minister prays for healing for us and it does not come to pass, do we blame ourselves?  Why do some of the televangelists of this day say "go and have faith, or it will return to you," when Jesus healed instantly?  Did they really have enough faith in Jesus to heal?  When we go to a minister for healing, do we mistakenly think that he has an open channel to God that we do not have?  Is our faith in the man, or is our faith in Jesus Christ?