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I Predict that a great fish will swallow Jonah!!!

John Collins3/31/2012 8:06:00 AMThis is one question that I can certainly find no answer to.

The book of revelation outlines the seven church ages (to Asia). Copying a book by Clarence Larkin, WMB got the dates of the time periods for each of these church ages. Then, by "divine revelation", WMB told us who the "messenger" was for each "age," placing himself at the throne of the last church age.

Aside from the fact that one of these "messengers" was not alive during his church age (Columba), and another was born in another church age (Martin Luther), there is the problem with Paul that I overlooked when writing my book.

John the Revelator wrote the book of prophecy around the year 95 AD. The book outlined the future church ages.

The Apostle Paul died in 67, almost thirty years before the book of prophecy was written.

Out of a book of prophecy, which foretold the future coming events, why would John the Revelator "prophesy" that the Apostle Paul would rise up in a church age that had already came and gone?

That would be like me prophesying that a great fish will swallow Jonah, and he will be inside that fish for three days! And it will all happen ... a long time ago!!!!