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Fruits of the Spirit

John Collins03/21/2012Luke 13 describes how some of the witnesses of Pilate's mixing blood with the sacrifices of certain Galilaeans by killing them and spilling their blood.  The people thought those who suffered were sinners above all the rest of the Galilaeans, because they had died in such a terrible way.

Jesus asked them, "Do you really think these Galilaeans were sinners above all the Galilaeans because they allowed this?"  Jesus told them that was not true, and unless they repented, they would all perish.

He reminded them of when the tower in Siloam fell and killed eighteen men, and asked them if they thought those men were sinners because they died.  He told them again, it was not true and unless they repent, they would all perish.

He told them a parable of a man who had a fig tree planted in his vineyard.  He came to it for fruit, but found none.  The man said to the tender of his vineyard, "All these years I come seeking fruit from this fig tree, and find none.  Cut it down!"

The tender of the vineyard answered, "Master, let it alone this year, and I will tend it with special care.  If it bears fruit, then it will be good, and if not, we can cut it down."

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we think that other brothers and sisters in Christ suffer only because they are sinners?  If we do, have we repented of it, so that we ourselves will not perish?  Do we tend to those who are struggling, helping them with special care?  Do we help them grow in Christ so that they can bear the fruits of the Spirit?  Do we still "watch for the dead tree to grow" when it has not bore any fruit?  Are we ourselves showing signs of bearing fruit?