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A Boy Raised To Life In Finland?

John Collins3/21/2012 11:22:00 AMFrom the book: Legend of the Fall (

A Boy Raised To Life In Finland?

Another, much more serious incident, is the case of little Finnish boy who
supposedly was raised from the dead. An eyewitness of the event in Finland, Pastor
Vilho Soininen, describes it in Lindsay's book, A Man Sent From God,
...a terrible accident occurred. A car ahead was unable to avoid striking two small boys, who ran
out into the street in front of it, throwing one down on the sidewalk, and the other five yards
away into a field. One unconscious boy was carried into a car just ahead of us and the other,
Kari Holma, was lifted into our car and placed in the arms of Brother Branham and Miss
Isaacson who were sitting in the back seat. Brothers Moore and Lindsay were in the front seat
with me. As we hurried to the hospital, I asked through Miss Isaacson, the interpreter, how the
boy was. Brother Branham, with his finger on the boy's pulse, answered that the boy seemed to
be dead, since the pulse did not beat at all. Then Brother Branham placed his hand over the
boy's heart and realized that it was not functioning. He further checked the boy's respiration and
could detect no breath. Then he knelt down on the floor of the car and began to pray. And
Brothers Lindsay and Moore prayed too, that the Lord would have mercy. As we neared the
hospital, about five or six minutes later, I glanced back, and to my surprise, the boy opened his
eyes. As we carried the boy into the hospital, he began to cry, and I realized that a miracle had
taken place....the boy, Kari, was dismissed from the hospital in just three days, and is feeling
very well considering the circumstances.

The other boy lay dying at the hospital, but he gradually improved over the
following weeks. WMB told of a vision he had received two years prior, of the raising
of a dead boy, which was now fulfilled. There are discrepancies, however. In WMB's
vision, the car was lying wrecked across the road; apparently, it had struck some
rocks. The little boy [there's only one in WMB's vision] had "the bones in his body
broken." WMB recounted,

I said, 'If that boy isn't on his feet in two minutes from now, I'm a false prophet, ride and run
me out of Finland.' Certainly!...I said, 'Heavenly Father, across the sea yonder, two years ago,
You said this little boy would lay here.' I said, 'Death, you can't hold him any longer, God has
spoken! Come back, give him up!' And the little boy raised up and looked around like that. The
people got to fainting and everything. There it is, wrote right there and signed by the mayor of
the city, by a notary public.

The eyewitness account of Vilho Soininen tells of one boy feeling very well,
considering the circumstances. He was released after three days. Weeks later, the other
boy was still lapsing into unconsciousness. Which one was the boy of the vision?
Who was on his feet in two minutes, or WMB was a false prophet? This author spoke
with an eyewitness over the phone for verification, but all this person said was, "No
comment." It is interesting that the late Gordon Lindsay, perhaps conveniently, let
pastor Soininen tell the story. There is an inordinate amount of subjectivity present in
the account. None other than WMB held the boy; he alone checked the boy's pulse;
his heartbeat and breath; and pronounced him dead. If the child was dead, and his
bones broken, why transport him? There are too many questions and embellishments.
This story must be discounted.

Five Death Certificates
Raising the Dead is one thing that WMB claimed to have done about five times
and stated he had the death-certificates to prove it. In his booklet Sirs, Is This The
Time, WMB stated, "[T]here was only three people raised from the dead by Jesus
Christ, and we have on record (doctor's record) five."

Around 1973, Ed Byskal, together with this author, was holding meetings in Lima,
Ohio. Billy Paul Branham, his sister Rebekah and his stepmother, Mrs. Meda Broy
Branham, attended. This author asked Billy Paul to see the five death certificates.
Billy Paul replied, "Well, Brother Peter, I lent them out to someone, and I can't
remember who." Dr. Doug Weaver told this author that he too had asked Billy Paul to
see the death-certificates and received a similar response. How can such important
documentation get lost? There were no certified copies made? The originals are all
lost and people are just asked to believe all this?

To what extent are William Branham's major claims of healing supported by Scripture
and by reality? The major cases of Congressman Upshaw, Florence Nightingale
Shirlaw, King George VI, Donny Morton and the young boy from Finland, and others,
can neither be supported by WMB's messages, nor by reality