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Brother Smith

John Collins3/14/2012 10:26:00 PMAnother sad "by their fruits" story from South Africa.

The government in South Africa investigated and forced the "Voice of God Fellowship" church to repay more than N$283 000 in dirty money.

Before the inquiry adjourned last week, Josea told the
court that he had paid over at least N$283 000 to his church - most
of which he said was his tithes.He has also paid more than N$1
million to struggling "brothers" within the church, N$30 000 to a
pastor a Bloemfontein church and thousands of US dollars more to
Angolan "brothers".

Brother Smith pretended he was unaware of the scam at first, but after the details came out, he became hesitant to testify in his defense.
Windhoek — PASTOR of the Voice of God Fellowship, Da-vid Smith whose church features in the ongoing N$30 million inquiry has expressed shock and dismay over recent allegations that members of his flock received part of the public funds of the Social Security Commission's investment in Avid.
Denying the Voice of God's involvement in the ongoing case before the High Court, Pastor Smith told New Era, "What the fellowship received was only tithes, which is one tenth of a person's salary. We did not receive any public money and it has nothing to do with me."

They were asked how the $1.1 Million was spent, and struggled to come up with a good answer.
Around $400,000 was exchanged in a "clothing store" for a list of "brothers" --- which happened to be two brothers.
Around $13,000 was spent among three "brothers" at a "religious function"
One of his sons was given $75K for education and flight school expenses, and the other $50K for a private savings account.

This investigation later EXPLODED, because it was only the edge of a much, much larger scandal. The Avid SSC investment firm was laundering money through the Voice of God Fellowship, and the missing money jumped from $283,000 to $30 million.

Then, others started coming out in front of the media, describing the crazy amounts of money they were given. Heinrich Helm, said "he would not have accepted a N$500 000 cheque Josea gave him if he had known it was from public funds."

The senior pastor of the Fellowship, David Smith, said the news of
the missing N$30 million and the involvement of one of his church
members had come as a shock to him.
Speaking to the media after his sermon on Sunday, Smith said the
congregation had not known anything about the case before the High
Court inquiry.

The Voice of God Fellowship originates from the United States.
Its founder, William Marion Branham, claims to have been visited by an angel and to have healing powers.