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Really? You're Pulling My Leg!!!

John Collins3/11/2012 8:53:00 AMIn the Voice of Healing magazine, which was Founded by WMB and Gordon Lindsay, there are many, many prophets and healers featured throughout the life of the magazine. Each had miraculous healings and spiritual visions, that were proven and vindicated as a sign from God.

There is no doubt whatsoever that God healed many through these campaigns of these 30+ "prophets" and "healers". But they all seemed to have one thing in common:
These men of God would use a trick of some sort in order to increase the faith of the people to the point of healing.

Take this one example:

The pastor tells the "injured" that one of their legs is shorter than the other. Amazingly, the person with the short leg often doesn't even know, so this must be a divine "prophecy" from God alone.

When the person sits, they face the audience. The "healer" turns the person's legs -- but the person's torso still remains facing the audience due to gravity alone. With one buttock farther from the foot than the other, the leg that is facing the audience appears much, much shorter!

Even worse, some of these people -- who could walk when they entered the meetings -- were told to use a wheelchair as they entered the meeting, so they "wouldn't make it worse." To the audience, a person in a wheelchair with a short leg had just had their bone lengthened "by God", and came up out of a wheelchair.

There is reasonable question as to whether each of the short-leg patients were "in on it," because there seemed to be an awful lot of people running around with one leg shorter than the other one.

A.A. Allen was one that used this parlor trick several times in his ministry. A magician (james Randi) shows a class how to perform the same "miracle".

Watch the video as Allen performs the "miracle", and then how Randi exposes it:

Unfortunately, this was not limited to A.A. Allen. You'll never guess who also claimed the shorter leg healing in his ministry:

Even today, ministers use it to increase the faith so that the people start believing: