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Brother Danquah

John Collins3/10/2012 1:26:00 PMAn amazing testimony of parents' devotion to their daughter also tells the story of the fruits of the message in Brother Danquah's "Grace and Truth" Church in Ontario.

Evidently, the church her daughter was drawn into had transformed to extremes.
"Women aren't regarded as men's equals, and a man may have more than one wife."

Using sleeping pills to rescue her without her being aware of the situation, her parents quickly drove her her far away. She had been changed for the worst, and started hating her parents who loved her dearly.

She spent a week "deprogramming" during long exhaustive sessions to help her understand the issues with some of what she had been taught, and then they took her to South Africa to heal. After some time, she started to love her parents again.

You can read the story here: kruger.pdf

The South African Apologetics link is here:

NOTE: It has been questioned whether or not the news article is 100% accurate. See posts below.