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Brother Byskal

John Collins3/10/2012 9:18:00 AMAnother sad story watching the fruits of the message is Brother Byskal. Though the story is shocking once you get it from the "rumor mill," we don't see pastors preaching to other Message pastors to instruct them how to avoid the error of covering up the very bad things that are happening in the Message churches.

Byskal's daughter [married] had sex with one of the children [a minor] of the church for several years, and Byskal was made aware of the situation long before his church split up. He did not inform the child's parents or his daughter's husband.

He did not attempt to separate the child and his daughter when they started having sex, and covered it up by saying publicly that his daughter had lived a "exemplary life for the past 18 years," while 8 of those years she continued to live in an adulterous relationship.

In the end, it wasn't the daughter having sex with a minor that split up the church. It wasn't her having sex outside of the marriage that split them up. It wasn't that Byskal was covering it up, or that the clergy were hiding it.

It was because he was swindling money.