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Message in Johannesburg

John Collins3/9/2012 10:44:00 PMAnother "by their fruits" story.

A Message church in Johannesburg creates a 50 year lease that requires no rent.
The police show up and illegals start scattering.
A spotter sat outside.
JCP arrive and suspect drugs. Result? [to be continued]

A religious group illegally occupying the Jewish Guild Bowling Club in Johannesburg was expected to be evicted, the City of Johannesburg Property Company (JPC) said.
August, 2011 10:15
It was suspected that illegal activities relating to drugs were happening inside, JPC executive manager for stakeholder management Mlungisi Shongwe said.
"Johannesburg Metro police have been watching the place since last night," he said.
"We not sure if the people will be evicted today we waiting for the police to arrive."
As media and the JPC arrived at the property in Observatory some of the illegal residents climbed into their cars and drove away.
A woman sat behind a bush, just in front of the building hand washing clothes in a plastic basin.
The head of JPC's legal department Verusha Morgan said the religious group said they had a 50-year-lease on the building starting from January 2010.
"They have given themselves a 50-year-lease with no rent," she said.
"The lease is highly irregular...We are doing a signature analysis on the lease."
The church group was insisting that the lease was from JPC and was signed at its premises.
The church was only established in May this year and follows the message of William Marion Branham, Morgan said.
The JPC was going to court on Friday to get a civil interdict.
The building was in a good condition and looked newly painted.
Morgan said the church group claimed it had spent R130,000 on renovations and was insisting the City of Johannesburg pay them back the money.