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Latter Rain and Healing

John Collins3/9/2012 1:33:00 PMI never really put much thought into it, but there were several ministers teaching the "Latter Rain" at the time WMB was teaching it. Most have disbanded, and saw the error of their ways, but WMB is not alive to publicly announce the error.

And isn't it just the same Holy Spirit tonight, if He promised He would send in the last days these things? Did He promise He would send this in the last days, "and it shall come to pass in the last days," saith God? How He promised in Mark 16, "Go ye into all the world..." That's New York. See? "Preach the Gospel to every creature. These signs shall follow them that believe." He promised it. And then He promised the former rain and the latter rain. And we're living now, have been for years, under the latter rain.

Latter Rain teachers put emphasis on baptism of the Holy Ghost over faith in Jesus Christ, believe there is a five-fold ministry that brings present-day prophets, believe you must have an "experience," and more.

Many have devoted their lives to Apologetics now.

"After being ordained into full-time ministry by a RHEMA graduate and acknowledged prophet I started a small ministry called "Latter Rain Ministries." I had several cassettes and booklets by William Marrion Branham and prayed I too could have such a supernatural ministry. I, like many others, believed that the Lord had restored the office of the apostle and prophet. Many prophetic words were spoken over my wife and I regarding the move of God and the end time glory which was about to be manifested and our role in this coming move. Now I know that I, and all my friends in ministry, were Montanists to the core, (although probably none of us knew it at the time). It was only recently (within the last two to three years) that the Lord has opened my wife and my eyes to the Truth of His Word, which has been subsequently revealing the darkness of what we once gladly walked in. I know from personal experience the great attraction Latter Rain holds for people. Adherents want to be on the cutting edge of spiritual advancement. Adherents want to see God's power manifested, the sick healed, feel His presence, etcetera. The problem is almost all of what transpires in neo-Montanist congregations is subjective experience devoid of any solid Biblical foundation. The Bible ends up being used to prove the experience, it matters not where the texts are drawn from, and context is immaterial." - Rev. Robert S. Liichow

This quote is striking when you think about it. Many of the errors that have been pointed out in WMB's teaching, and many of the questions that people have within their hearts, are simply because WMB didn't understand context.

To WMB, jumping from book to book, verse to verse was context -- instead of reading the chapter as it was written.

If I should say a subject out of this to draw a context, I would like to use the word: "A Super Sign."

I want to take for a text, to draw a context from that 27th verse "Be Not Afraid, It Is I." And the words I wish to use is, "It Is I."

Now, to draw a little context tonight, let us call your attention to a Scripture reading in the Bible in the book of Isaiah. Let us turn into Isaiah, the 21st chapter of Isaiah, and read the 11th verse of Isaiah 21:

Many who have found the errors in teaching or the prophesies that have failed still try to twist facts and justify their beliefs because they believe WMB had the only claim to healing -- which is not correct.

The Latter Rain movement, along with elements of the Healing revival slowly dissolved into parts of the larger Charismatic movement. Dancing, lifting of hands and spontaneous praise are marks of the Charismatic movement. Some parts of the Charismatic movement have a blend of influences that may include both the Latter Rain, the Healing revival and the Jesus movement, elements distinctive from traditional Pentecostal theology.
The Healing revival of the early day Kansas City "prophets" occured between 1947 and 1957 with Oral Roberts, Jack Coe, William Marrion Branham and Paul Cain. Chuck Smith, founder of Calvary Chapel, served as Paul Cain's Healing revival campaign manager at one time.

"In Latter Rain circles truth is changing and evolving.Scriptures do not have one meaning, the meaning evolves as does the fellowship. What Latter Rain people look for in the Bible is the "present day truth" which is arrived at by the Holy Spirit as revealed through a current crop of apostles and prophets. In 1990 a shift occurred and the Apostolic movement began to be birthed. My wife and I have met no less than six apostles - most of whom used to be pastors, then prophets, and now apostles. Over the last fifteen years we have spiritually surfed various moves of the Holy Spirit and they all can be reduced to being nothing more than Latter Rain acolytes, only the error has progressed even more radically since 1947." - Rev. Robert S. Liichow

The part that really caught my eye is the part regarding the "Manifest Sons." These spiritual leaders raised themselves up to a platform so high that eventually followers started worshipping them. Look what we have today! Pastors now teach that WMB's every word was infallible. WMB's son are worshipped across the world, and songs are being written how all will "bow down" to him in the "new Jerusalem."

Manifest Sons claim the ultimate anointing will glorify them to such a degree that they become "Christ" on Earth, an corporate embodiment of Christ, destined to rule over all humanity!

Manifest Sons dogma claims Christianity is not complete without economic, spiritual and day to day control of all human life through whatever means necessary - the "apostles" are the generals and individual acolytes make up the bulk of Joel's army of mindless human robots that pathetically follow the wolves dressed in sheep's clothing!

"At the apostles gathering as we worshiped the Lord and gave ourselves to the Spirit, a vision appeared. I saw the Heavens open, and a great white light appeared, radiating out from the One in the center, as the light from the sun does. As I looked, I saw it was Jesus, and He held in His Hands a Child, who had just been recently born. He extended the Child and asked, "Who will be responsible for this Child?, Who will care for it, nurture it, and see that it is kept safe from those who would harm or destroy it?" The Lord reached down into our midst, and said "will you (apostles gathering) be responsible for this Child?" Our voices rang out, "we will accept this Child as our own, we will bear the full responsibility for it, we will nurture and cherish it, and bring it to full maturity...we will see that no harm comes to it." Jesus then, handed the Child into our collective hands, and said, "I will be with you, I will provide ALL THINGS NEEDED to bring this Child to maturity and for it to accomplish the Divine Purpose I have Ordained for it on Earth...My Glory will be seen, and the Harvest will be reaped."A Man Child is birthed who is to bring about a dramatic change in the entire structure of the CHURCH....The Man Child will bring full Apostolic Order." - vision given to apostle Paul Cunningham at the 2nd apostles gathering

Major adherents of Manifest Sons mythology include: Earl Pearly Paulk, Oral Roberts, Paul Cain, William Marrion Branham and Benny Hinn

Liichow evidently found many of the Gnostic similarities in the teachings, and considered it "mythology."

Around 1947 William Marrion Branham, Percy Hunt and George Hawtin begin to codify Latter Rain mythology as the "New Order of the Latter Rain."

William Marrion Branham's mythology formed the basis for the "New Order" of the Latter Rain dogma.

William Marrion Branham was seen as the "prophet" (Elijah) of the movement.