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Judging the Drinkers

John Collins03/08/2012In Matthew 7, Jesus teaches us that we should not judge others, otherwise we ourselves will be judged.

According to the judgements we place on others, we will be under the same judgement.  Jesus said that while we pull the tiny speck from another person's eye, we ourselves have a large object in our own eyes.

I recently read a book entitled "Out of the Cult and Into the Church," describing the battles faced by a Mormon as they tried to live their Christian lives from day to day.

At first, it struck me as very odd when I read how the Mormon beliefs instructed the followers to abstain from caffeine — a teaching that I had never heard before. The poor sister trying to live her life dedicated to the Lord struggled whenever she fellowshipped with anyone drinking a cup of coffee. Though she knew the Truth, it was ingrained in her mind that caffeine was wrong for God's children, and she would not easily be able to overcome the false teaching.

After I thought about it for a few minutes, I realized that this was not that unusual in the Christian world. With caffeine, yes, but there are other things that we consider "sin" when in all actuality the Bible tells us the exact opposite.

I was reminded of a celebration dinner with a good Christian brother one evening. He ordered a drink for his wife and himself, and enjoyed it throughout the meal. He was by no means intoxicated, and controlled himself very well with his consumption. Because of teaching that I had held sacred since birth, I could not help thinking that he was partaking in sin by drinking this "vile" drink. I found myself constantly staring at it as though he were drinking gasoline while holding a match.

When I left, the situation bothered me. The Bible teaches us to judge no man, for only God knows the heart. Had I judged this good Christian brother and his wife? I hoped not!

Afterwards, I started studying the scriptures. The Bible has the answer for everything in our lives, and the scriptures would have the perfect answer. I quickly found that not only was this teaching of teetotalism contrary to the Bible, my judging the brother was worse than his small drink in the eyes of God!

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