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Back to the Original Faith

John Collins03/07/2012Jude tells us that we should have mercy, peace, and love abundantly.  He felt that it was necessary to write a letter to the people that would bring them back to the faith that the saints had taught, since they had strayed.

Certain men had crept into the congregations of Christians, ungodly men that turned the Christians away from the grace of Jesus Christ.  He reminded them how God saved the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt, and then destroyed those who did not believe.  He reminded them how even the angels did not remain in heaven, and were in chains of darkness until the day of judgement.  He reminded them how Sodom and Gomorrha turned towards fornication, and was set as an example of the vengeance of eternal fire.

Jude said that these "filthy dreamers" who despised authority defiled their own bodies by speaking evil of their authoritative figures.  He reminded them that Michael the archangel himself would not rebuke Satan when disputing over the body of Moses, and would not bring any accusation against the devil.  Instead, Michael said, "The Lord rebuke thee."  

These people, Jude said, speak against things they do not understand.  They take the things that the know and understand and corrupt themselves in it.  

Jude said they have gone in the way of Cain, and the error of Balaam the false prophet.  They perished in the gainsaying of Core.  They take away from the love when they fellowship with you, yet they are empty vessels like "clouds that are without water" or "dead trees without fruit that has been uprooted."  Jude described them as "raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame."

Even Enoch prophesied that this would come.  Enoch said that the Lord would come with ten thousand saints to execute judgement on all.  They would convince all that were ungodly of their ungodly deeds, and all their harsh teachings.  They are murmurers and complainers that walk after their on desires, and they speak in such a way that causes other men to admire them.

Jude warned them, there would be those in the last time that would walk after their own desires, who would create a mockery of the Gospel.  They would separate themselves from other Christians, because they did not have the Holy Spirit.

Jude instructed them to build themselves up in the faith of the Gospel, praying to the Holy Ghost.  They should keep the love, and look for the mercy that was given by the Lord Jesus Christ that would bring them eternal life.

They should have love and compassion, and make a difference in peoples lives.  Their joy should be in Jesus Christ, who is able to keep them from falling and present them as faultless before the presence of God's glory.  We should give our glory to God the Saviour, who is our only dominion and power both now and forever.  

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Have we kept the Gospel of Jesus Christ as our highest respect, or have we turned to some other teaching?  Have we been turned by "dreamers" who created a great following by speaking out against other leaders?  Do we listen to men that think they have the power to rebuke Satan?  Have we heeded Jude's warning that there would come those who would cause Christians to separate themselves from other Christians?  Do we put love and mercy above all else as the apostles instructed?  Is our joy in Jesus Christ, or is it in a man who tells inspiring stories?  Are we making a difference in people's lives through our love and compassion?  Are we giving God the glory?

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