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The Visions, Discernment, Healings, Prophecies

John Collins3/4/2012 9:41:00 AMAs a former MSG believer who knew his WMB and MSG backwards and forwards, had "special" insights into WMB's life through first-hand accounts, personal feelings that are based on many things in WMB's life not on tape, and know many things other followers do now about his life, I'd like to put a charge to others like myself:

Many of us have known for years that not all the visions did not happen exactly like WMB said them. Many of us have known for years that he stumbled over hard names with the discernments. Many of us have watched those "healed" around us suffering the same afflictions until the day of their death. Many of us have known about "personal glimpse's" that just didn't sound quite right. Like myself, none of these things really matter in our personal walk with Christ. When he said that he would kill a brown bear "next year when I return" or not has no bearing on our salvation. One might even ask why God would have WMB tell us about brown bears instead of something that would help us in our walk with Christ.

The thing that bothered me was not the visions, healings, discernment, or "personal glimpse's", but did his teachings line up with the Bible?

Why did he add the words "to dwell in" to the words of God when He said "This is my beloved son in whom I'm well pleased." Who can add words to God?

Why did he teach that ten generations of a child born out of wedlock would not be bride, when WMB himself was within ten generations of a child born out of wedlock?

Why did he originally say 14 generations? Why did he choose to hold this law of the old covenant and leave off the stoning of those that fornicate? We haven't had a good stoning lately.

Why did he say that God won't even honor the prayer of women who cut their hair when the old covenant instructed women to shave their heads for mourning? Who really even believes that God won't honor their prayers when the Bible tells us different?

Why did he say that Satan was equal with God one day, when this idea only comes from Pagan worship?

Where does the Bible speak of a "foolish virgin" vs "wise virgin" rapture? Does this also come from Gnostic texts?

Why say that only perverted men wear shorts, when there is a picture of WMB himself wearing shorts in Africa?

Why preach the "modest apparel" scripture and leave off the second half of the verse that says for women not to braid their hair? Is it wrong for both, or not wrong for either?

Why say that Enoch lived 500 years when this is only found in the non-canonical Book of Enoch?

Hundreds more questions can be asked, each one showing a teaching that is contrary to the Bible.

I charge everyone, MSG follower or non-MSG follower to post their questions and new discoveries in the "General Bible Question" forum. Let God's Word stand and the word of every man fail. If the Bible contradicts WMB, I choose favor towards the Bible.

The Bible is my Absolute. WMB's son says the MSG is his absolute, and there are those that now worship WMB's son, saying that all will bow down before him in the New Jerusalem. Where do you stand? Is the Bible your absolute? Do you put the words of man above the words of God?

I challenge you to make your decision for or against the Word of God in the "General Bible Question" forum.