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Continual Sanctification

John Collins03/01/2012In Colossians 3, Paul began speaking about the continual process of sanctification throughout our lives.

He said that if we are risen with Christ, we should seek those things which are heavenly, where Christ sits at the right hand of God.  We should set our affection on the things that are above, not the things that are on the earth.  We are dead, and our lives are sheltered with Christ in God.  When Christ returns, we shall also return with him to glory.

We should cleanse and mortify ourselves of idolatry.  Fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection (soul ties instead of soul mates), evil lusts, and greed are the very reason that the wrath of God will come on the earth to the children of disobedience.  Being born in sin, we live in these things for a period of time, but when we are changed, we cast them aside.

Afterwards, we need to continue with the sanctification.  We should not be angry with one another or provoked unto wrath.  We should not be filled with malice, or the intent to wrong others.  We should not blaspheme God.  We should clean up our communication with one another.  We should not lie to one another.   

Through the process of sanctification, we put aside the old man that once did these things, and put on a new man, which is continually renewed in knowledge.  The new man should desire to be more like the One that created man.

Christ created all man.  He is neither Greek nor Jew, old covenant of circumcision or new covenant of uncircumcision.  Christ is neither a barbarian, Iranian, slave or free man.  Christ is all of these, and he is in all of these.  

As the elect chosen of God, we should be holy and loved by all, showing mercy, kindness, humble mindedness, meekness and long-suffering to all.  We should hold back from arguments with one another, showing forgiveness.  As Christ forgave us, we should forgive others.

Above all of these things, we should have love, which is the bond of perfectness.  We should know the words of Christ which will give us great wisdom.  We should teach and instruct one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing with grace in our hearts unto the Lord.

Whatever we speak or do, we should do all of them in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Jesus Christ.

Wives should submit themselves to their husbands, as the Lord wants us to do.  Husbands should love your wives and not be bitter towards them.  Children should obey their parents, for this is pleasing to God.  Fathers should not provoke the children to anger, otherwise they will get discouraged.

In the workplace, we should obey our employers.  Not just the things that will make us look good in their eyes, but in singleness of heart while fearing God.  

Whatever we do, we should do it from the heart as though we are doing it unto the Lord and not unto men.  If we do this, we will receive the reward from the Lord.  We will receive our inheritance, for we serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

He that does not continue in sanctification, and continues with hearts that are wrong, will receive from God what he deserves.  God does not look to the works that man have done to build themselves to great esteem; with God there is no respect of persons.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  is our affection placed on God or the things of this world?  Are we continuing in idolatry, or do we place our hearts and minds only on the love of Jesus Christ.  After the old man was replaced with the new man, did we continue to learn and grow in Christ?  Do we love the heathen like the saint or the Muslim like the Christian?  Paul said Christ was in all of these, do we see Christ when we look at the barbarian?  Do we love our family, or do we cast them aside when they disagree with the old ways?  

Are we continuing with sanctification, or have we stopped short once the old man was gone?