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How an Angel Came to Me

John Collins2/28/2012 11:09:00 PMRecently studying the stories of "how an angel came to me", and found something unexpected.

The very first newspaper found about William Branham is June 30, 1947 -- back when tape recorders were scarce. His story differs a bit from later retellings, and like the prophecies, are somewhat of a "moving target."

The name that the Associated Press used, "Rev. Henry Branham from Jeffersonville" (which William Branham confirmed) has some interesting things associated also, but need further research before posting. Evidently, there was a Hatfields/McCoys situation going on in KY a few years earlier...

What is most interesting, though, is the ages that he used. When these didn't match, it made me want to look at some of the other ages and dates he gives. has already has a good bit of this research, but a few things I came across make me want to dig just a little deeper.

Interested to hear what others think. Do you think this is the same angel in all these accounts and Bro. Branham somehow forgot this life-changing event, or do you think these are different angels in different accounts?

Direct link: visitation.pdf