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Bringing the Hearts Back to the Fathers

John Collins2/28/2012 10:25:00 AMI've asked several people now, simply because it was a question I had most of my life:

If William Branham was the one who was to restore the "original faith" and turn the "hearts of the men back to the fathers," What did he bring that did this?

Some said the seven church ages and seven seals, but most of that content was copied word-for-word out of books by Clarence Larkin. One of the "church angels" was not even alive during his "church age." Some said prophecies, but none of the prophecies were anything that would change our hearts back to the fathers, and many of them didn't happen like he said.

Others said faith that we could speak things into existence with the "spoken word", but where can we find someone who has this "gift?"

Most say the divine healing, but after watching some of the others in Branham's day, such as Oral Roberts, it seems as though their gift may have been a little more powerful and widespread.

What are your opinions? This question is one that I buried for years, wondering about it but was afraid to question.

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