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Do Our Actions Deny God?

John Collins02/22/2012In a letter to Titus, Paul told him that he was "his own son after the common faith", and that common faith was grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our savior.

Because of the devotion of Titus, Paul had left him in Crete.  Titus was commissioned to set things in order, and ordain elders in every city. 

These elders were to be blameless.  They were not to be strong minded towards their own will.  They must be the husband of only one wife.  Their children must be faithful to the cause, not children that were seen as unruly or those who caused others to riot.

These bishops must be good stewards, not easily angered, not drunkards, not those who would fight, not money hungry.  They were to be lovers of hospitality, show love of mankind, sober, just, holy, and of a good disposition.

They were to be able to hold on to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so that they would have a solid doctrine that would convince those who were speaking for some other purpose.  For there were many unruly people, people who spoke and preached in vain.  There were many deceivers, especially those who held onto the old covenant of circumcision.

Paul said that their mouths must be stopped.  They corrupt entire houses of people, teaching things that they should not teach.  They did this for their own personal monetary gain.

One of these people preaching deceit was a prophet.  This prophet said that the Cretians were always lying, and had an evil spirit.  The prophet said that the Cretians were slow bellies, or lazy.

Paul said, "This witness is true.  Rebuke them sharply, so that they could be strong in the faith".  Even the prophet was to be rebuked, for he had spoken lies.  These people should not listen to fables.  They should not listen to the doctrines of men, that turned them away from the Truth that Jesus Christ had came, died for all, risen, and saved all who would believe on Him.

To those who had accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, and had faith that they were saved by grace, they were pure.  All things to them were pure. Those who did not believe Jesus Christ saved by faith were defiled.  They were unbelievers, to which nothing was pure.  Even their own mind and conscience were defiled.

They professed that they knew God, but their own actions denied Him.  They were abominable and disobedient.  Every good thing that Paul and Titus were doing, these deceivers were objecting to wickedly.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves: Are we devoted to the Good News, that Jesus Christ came and died for all who believed on Him, or is our devotion towards another man's doctrine?  When we witness to other people, do we witness of Jesus Christ, or do we witness a man and his doctrine?  Do we show hospitality and love in our home and in our community?  Do we rebuke the leaders preaching deceit, who do not show hospitality and love?  Do our actions deny God?