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The Large Body of Christ

John Collins02/12/2012Paul, speaking to the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 12 stated that we are all one body of Christ.  He wanted to make it clear to the Church that all members who claimed Jesus as their Lord were members of the Body of Christ.  

He reminded them that they were just as guilty of being carried away by "dumb idols" as the other members of the Body of Christ, but those who said that "Jesus is the Lord" were members of the body because they could only say it by the Holy Ghost.

The gift of the Holy Ghost was not a special privilege to to a select chosen few.  Paul felt led to instruct the church that there were many members of the body, not a small chosen few.  He compared the Church to the human body, informing them that the Holy Ghost would come among all members of the body.  Even if the manifestation of the Holy Spirit came differently among the different parts of the body, they were all of the same body.

He said that there was a diversity of gifts that would be brought among the Church, but they were of the same Holy Spirit.  There would be different administrations, or followings of teachers, but they all served the same Lord.  Each group, or denomination would have a diversity of operations in the church, but the same God was the one working each operation.  One group may have wisdom and another knowledge.  One may have faith and another healing.  One may work miracles, and another may prophesy.  One may have discernment and another speaking and interpretation of tongues.

All of these members of the vast body of Christ were of the selfsame Holy Spirit.  All who believed were freely given what the Holy Spirit felt they needed to increase their faith.

Are we guilty of casting out a member of the Body of Christ because they do not have a gift?  Do we oppose a member because they are under a different administration?  Do we feel that because we have a certain knowledge that other groups do not have that we are the only member of the Body of Christ?

One might ask themselves: if the gifts are given to the Church as a blessing to increase the faith, maybe God realizes that more faith is needed in that particular member?  Any member of the large Body of Christ is part of that Body, and the Holy Spirit gives each member of the Body just what it needs when it needs it.

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