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Deceive The Very Elect If Possible

John Collins02/09/2012Throughout the world, Oral Roberts is regarded as a true man of God, a hero to the Pentecostal faith. With his very successful spiritual healing campaigns, he made a huge impact on not only America, but throughout the world. 

David du Plessis was deeply involved in helping those involved with the Charasmatic movement. He worked directly with evangelists throughout the pentecostal churches, the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International, and more. According to the religious media of the times, Oral Roberts had the largest and most successful healing ministries of all the ministers that Mr. du Plessis worked with. Now, over forty years later, the name Oral Roberts is still synonymous with religious healing.

Many others during and after the time of Roberts ministry are known to have great spiritual gifts present in their ministries, and these ministers use these gifts as tools to increase the faith of their followers. Some of them claim to have the gift of prophecy, similar to Robert's claims starting in the '60s. While these spiritual gifts are indeed gifts from God to bless his children, they can also be deceptive by those who would use them for the wrong purpose.

Matthew 24 warns, "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." When we read this entire chapter, Christ is warning of those who claim to have the gift of prophecy while using these gifts of the Spirit. These prophets could use these spiritual gifts to deceive the "very elect" children of God if it were possible to do so.

Some have claimed that this passage is referring to the "two spirits", insinuating that there would be a deception regarding "true church" and a "false church".  Jesus is warning us to watch the prophets, they would deceive using great signs and wonders.  When the scripture is read in context, the passage is speaking of the "many false prophets" that would rise and deceive many." These signs and wonders would be a tool used by the prophets in their deception.

We must be careful as we watch the Spirit move through the churches. Spiritual gifts do not vindicate a messenger, and we must put their message through the Bible test.

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