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Vindication of a True Prophet

John Collins02/06/2012

Thought for the Day

Does discernment, healing, and prophecy vindicate a true prophet of God? Oral Roberts had thousands of accurate discernments, healings, and many accurate prophecies.

Answer:  Oral Roberts had a very successful ministry throughout his life.  He was able to discern the name, address, and disease of his followers through what he claimed to be "the fire of God" flowing through his right hand. Others of the day had vibrations through their left hand. Many had successful and accurate prophecy. 

The Bible does not allow for mistake; with a prophet, one strike and you are out. Gifts of discernment, healing, and prophecy does not vindicate a prophet, we must test the prophets to make sure that we are not following a prophet with even one failed vision. If a vision fails, then the prophet is not of God. Oral Roberts must be vindicated only by testing his every vision for accuracy through the Bible, and through history.