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William Branham: Revelation from the Book of Enoch

By John Collins



Reverend William Marrion Branham mentioned Enoch “walking with” Noah over sixty-five times throughout his ministry from 1947-1965.  Using the Biblical story of Enoch’s translation, but shifting Enoch’s timeline to almost 100 years later than Biblical account, William Branham used both men as “types” for his “Rapture theology”.  Branham claimed that Enoch was a type of the “little bride” (his nickname for his own cult following) that he claimed would be raptured before an “unrighteous” Noah.  Noah’s “unrighteousness”, according to Branham, was a “type” of modern-day Christianity.


According to the Christian Bible, Enoch was translated into heaven long before Noah.  Noah was not described as “unrighteous” – he was described by Biblical account as the most righteous man on the face of the planet!  Though the parables of Jesus each describe the “righteous” suffering tribulation along with the “unrighteous’, Branham’s theology presented the idea that his cult following were the “elite” group of Christians who would escape the events leading up to the Biblical End of Days.  To support this theology, Branham used an account of Enoch and Noah outside of the Christian Bible.  He used one found in the Book of Enoch and the Fragments of the Book of Noah.


Using Biblical reference to the life spans of the lineage of Enoch and Noah, it is clear that the Christian Bible accounts for Noah being born in the year 1056, while it accounts for Enoch being translated in the year 987.


  • Adam 0-930 (Gen 5.5)
  • Seth 130-1042 (Gen 5:3, 8)
  • Enosh 235-1140 (Gen 5:6, 11)
  • Kenan 325-1235 (Gen 5:9, 14)
  • Mahalalel 395-1290 (Gen 5:12, 17)
  • Jared 460-1422 (Gen 5:15, 14)
  • Enoch 622-987 (Gen 5:15, 23)
  • Mathuselah 687-1656 (Gen 5:21, 27)
  • Lamech 874-1651 (Gen 5:25, 31)
  • Noah 1056-2006 (Gen 5:9-9:29)


The Book of Enoch is an ancient Jewish writing that is not part of the biblical cannon most Christians use today.  When Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation, he rejected this book along with other books of the Apocrypha.   Many scholars date portions of the Book of Enoch to the first century BC.


To match his “rapture theology”, William Branham had to alter the timeline for Enoch by 135 years.  Branham claimed that Enoch “walked before God five hundred years”, rather than the Biblical account’s 365 years.  This way, Branham’s version of “Enoch” could “walk with” Noah.



Thus all the days of Enoch were 365 years.

Genesis 5:23




O God, may someday... the Church, which is a type of Enoch. Five hundred years he walked before God. Walking! Walking in the Light, with a testimony that "Everything God said, he did it." He didn't displease Him. What the Lord said do, Enoch done it.

Now, he was a type, remember. The ark is a type of the Jews, the hundred and forty-four thousand that's carried over, which is Noah and his bunch; but Enoch went Home just a little bit before the flood. You know that. So Enoch just kept walking in the Light. So one day he felt his feet getting off the ground, he just kept walking, and he walked on into Glory without even dying. That's right. God took him away because he was walking in the Light, with a testimony that "he walked in the Light of God." Kept walking, walking.

Branham, 60-1211M, “The Ten Virgins and the Hundred and Forty Four Thousand Jews.”


Where did William Branham obtain this version of Enoch?  He appears to have looked to extra-biblical sources.  Branham’s account seems to match that of the Book of Enoch and the fragments of the Book of Noah.  In the Book of Enoch, Enoch was present with Lamach when Noah was born (Enoch 107), and Enoch is the one who gave Noah his name.