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The Cloud


Probably the most interesting article in the entire newsletter is Voice of God Recordings'

defense of the cloud. If one reads the article using only the facts presented in the publication,

and reads the somewhat honest admission at the end of the article, even a skeptic would

believe. To have declared this cloud's significance to the cult for the past fifty years, and then admit that they simply do not know why the dates do not align, one can see that this is the article that Voice of God Recordings spent the most time researching.


Years earlier, when the cloud was first placed into question by Peter Duyzer, author of "Legend of the Fall" found on, a great deal of time was spent researching this event by George and Rebekah Smith. (William Branham's daughter and son-in-law). Though most of the cult were unaware, they published a newsletter in defense of the questions that were raised in the 1980's. Many read the newsletter and enjoyed it as though it were a commemoration to the event and had no idea that it was trying to solve a problem.


What is even more interesting is the fact that after the websites questioning William Branham began to examine the cloud with a fine-toothed comb, even George Smith changed his stance on the timeline of the cloud. In a 2014 video, Smith admits that William Branham could not have been under the cloud according to a human timeline. His conclusion, which not all cult pastors agree with, is that Branham stood under the cloud in the spirit -- rather than in person as he claimed.


We do not need to go through the entire article, pointing readers to the overwhelming amount of research that has been made available. Most in the cult are aware of the issues, and even this article itself admits that they do not have all the answers. If you simply search the internet for "William Branham Mystery Cloud," you will find the arguments.


Instead, we will deception that Voice of God Recordings employs in this article to the

unsuspecting reader who has never done such a search. Their target audience for this audience appears to be the cult follower who is not aware of the many issues with the cloud, because they only present partial information. Anyone who has studied the cloud in any detail can recognize that the author leads you to believe no additional facts exist.


The second paragraph begins with these words: "Although scientists never thoroughly explained the cloud “. By "scientists," the author is referring to "James MacDonald," the scientist that William Branham named to claim scientific evidence for what he claimed to be a supernatural event. (This, as you know, is ironic since the opening arguments of the newsletter ask you to IGNORE scientists, because they are human).


Often when the cult defends the cloud and its many issues, they refer to MacDonald's initial report. In the first report, MacDonald explains that this cloud is not a natural formation, and that he does not have enough information to explain it. He is initiating a study of the cloud, and this is the first of his documented studies. It is a prelude, so to speak.


What they do not tell you is that MacDonald produced a second report, and that he was a "UFO hunter “. Initially, MacDonald wanted to find evidence of extraterrestrial existence through studying the cloud, as he was trying to convince the United States government that alien life had entered the earth's atmosphere. His second report expressed his decision to abandon the study of this cloud, because it WAS explainable. Moreover, the Voice of God Recordings article claims that the "mystery cloud" was 17 miles higher than clouds can form, which is a contradiction with MacDonald's report.


The second deceptive tactic used by Voice of God Recordings in this article is exactly what they

asked the reader to avoid in a previous article. They ask the question, "Why weren't there photographs and eyewitness accounts in California, where the cloud supposedly originated?".


I will remind you their statement on the previous page: "Contrary to the skeptics' way of

thinking, a lack of evidence is not evidence "


In the end, the cult follower is left more confused after reading this article and comparing it to the testimonies of those who describe the cloud. Many questions start to form:


* If William Branham was standing under the cloud in another dimension as George Smith claimed in his video, were the two "witnesses" also carried over in that same dimension?


* If so, why do their testimonies describe the human aspects of the hunting trip and not the spiritual.


* Why is it OK for Voice of God Recordings to ask us for evidence in the cloud issue, but ask us

to ignore a lack of evidence in the bridge prophecy?


* Why do they not mention the second report?


* Why do they not mention James MacDonald's abandoning his research of the cloud after determining it was explainable? And then why do they claim that it was "unexplainable"?