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Branham’s Statements About Noah And Enoch


Now, as I've just said that the antediluvian destruction, Noah was the sign. And Noah had a sign to start on. When he seen Enoch was taken up, Enoch was taken up, then Noah--was time for Noah to start, for he knew that that would be the sign of his beginning and then the end would be near.


And Enoch, of course, was the--a type of the raptured group of the church. And Noah is a type of the carried over or the elect of the Jews that will be carried through the tribulation period. And we're now living in that day.




Look back there then, as Noah and Enoch was preaching, and Noah was preaching a message that seemed so crazy to the world. And Noah... Here it is now. Noah was preparing an ark, making a place of safety. And that was a miracle in its own. How that a man upon dry land where water had never come, was preparing an ark to float on a mighty sea that would be there, and say it was coming down out of the skies. And where was it at? But by faith, which is a miracle itself, Noah warned of God, prepared an ark. You see it? No matter how foolish it seemed, how fanatical it seemed to the people, it was a miracle in itself to see a man hammering away, that something seemed fanatically.

Branham, 56-0115  THE.JUNCTION.OF.TIME


Enoch... the... but--a Noah--Noah was a type that was carried over like the sleeping virgin. But Enoch was translated just before the tribulation struck. And Enoch was took up, and was found not, because God took him: the type of the going forth of the church. And Noah watched him. When he seen Enoch go, he knew it was time to enter the ark, for to be carried through the tribulation.

Branham, 56-0603  THE.LAMB'S.BOOK.OF.LIFE


Now, Abraham represents--represents, means, church spiritual. He had separated himself from the unbelievers, and the make-believers, a very beautiful picture of the church today. The word "church" means "the called out." That's what the church is today: a called out.

Now, it come time for the end time, then there was three Men came and met Abraham. Two--all three of them were--two of them were Angels, but they looked like men, dust on their clothes, dirt on their feet. Abraham said, "Come, set under the oak. Wash Your feet. I'll bring You a piece of bread, then You may go on." See? Abraham was looking for something. That's what the church, the believer, is today, watching--watching for something. He knew the time was growing close.

Just like Noah, watching Enoch. When Enoch went up, Noah knowed that the storm was close.



In the days of Noah, in them days look at the church natural. What were they? Scientists, builders, smart men. But the elected, Enoch and Noah, were shepherds and farmers, humble, not educated, not smart, but knowed their God; something in them moving, calling. We'll get to that after a bit.



And there was an intellectual preacher went down and preached, and called them out. Look at the--look at the message, "Come out," he said to Lot.

And he'd have never been called out if it hadn't been for the mercy of Abraham. Said, "Can I find fifty men, will You spare it? Can I find thirty men? Can I... If I find ten?" That's as far as he'd go. And He couldn't even find ten among them.

No wonder, "As it was in the days of Noah." Remember, Noah wasn't the type of the church; Enoch was, that didn't go through the tribulation, but was translated before the tribulation set in. Enoch went home; he didn't go through the tribulation. Noah carried through.



We're watching just as Noah watched Enoch, and knowed immediately after Enoch come, the judgment was going to strike the earth. When we see the ark of the Jew being prepared again, we know that the translation is at hand. We're waiting, Father.

Branham, 60-1124  IT.IS.I


But Enoch went home without dying. And when Noah seen Enoch go, he knowed it was time, start on that ark. That's right. That was Noah's sign, when Enoch went home. And as soon as the Gentile Church is taken away, then He makes Hisself known to Israel. See? That's right.



And Noah, which is a type, and we had it las--last week in our lesson. Noah, the type of Israel that's carried over, will be over there on Mount Transfiguration, over there in--in Europe, down in Palestine, watching. And when they... When Noah saw Enoch was missing, he thought, "What become of Enoch? What become of Enoch? Where's he at?" Which was grandson, Noah was grandson to Enoch. And he said, "Where's it at? What become of him? We can't find him no more." Noah started building on that ark. He knowed that the time was at hand, right then.

Branham, 60-1218  THE.UNCERTAIN.SOUND


Now, "as it was in the days of Noah," smart men, smart men with their atomic powers and everything, could build pyramids and sphinx and so forth. "As it was in that day, so will it be." But the work's to be cut short in this day, 'cause there's to be a Raptured people taken out. Like Enoch, there's to be a people carried over. We're in that class this morning, the people that's carried over like Noah was through the flood.

But remember, before... Don't forget this! Before one drop of rain fell, before there was one thing in the sky, before Noah ever--ever had the ark completed, Enoch was taken Home. Enoch was raptured without death, just started walking one day, and--and gravitation lost its hold on him. And he found one foot a little higher, and the other foot a little higher, and another foot a little higher, and first thing you know, he said, "Farewell, world." Just walked on up into Glory.

And when Noah looked around and couldn't find Enoch anywhere, he looked around and he didn't know where Enoch went, then he said, "It's time to get to building the ark now." See? And he went to work on the ark to carry over the remnant.



In the days of Enoch, just before the flood, when Enoch looked out there and saw Noah building away on that ark. Enoch was a prophet. Enoch knew that he was a type. And he knew, that before the floods came, that he had to give an example, so one afternoon it was becoming to him to take a walk. It was becoming that he'd take this walk with God. And somehow that day he changed his path. Instead of going around the side of the hill, he took the King's Highway, and he just kept on walking. "And they found him not, because he was not," but he'd walked on up the King's Highway.

O God, let me be like Enoch. When the hour comes that I must take the path, let me find the King's Highway.



Now, God, in this time, He chose to send His Word again, for His children. And He chose a prophet. "And the Word of the Lord come to the prophets." And Noah and Enoch, what a beautiful type! And someone... Many times, people...



Enoch, prophet! Noah is a type of the Jews, the remnant, God's servant. And Enoch, the great prophet who prophesied of the Lord coming, was translated, raptured before the flood. Noah was carried through, for to preserve seed on the earth.

Now, God sent His Word by His prophet, Noah, and when Noah and Enoch begin to prophesy. And then just before the flood struck, what happened? Enoch went up; Noah went through. See? Enoch was translated. Noah's sign, was, watching Enoch. When Enoch come up missing, then Noah knew the flood was at hand, 'cause he was keeping his eye on Enoch.




Now, maybe, day after day, and they laughed and made fun. The children maybe haw-hawed at him.

But Noah went right on preaching, anyhow. And all of his family and all the converts went right on believing, anyhow. All that was following Noah believed Noah. That's right. They had to make their choice, to believe what the world said, or believe what this mighty anointed prophet said.

So he said, "Now watch. Enoch is going to leave, one of these days, church. And when it does, when Enoch goes away, we better get in. We're going to miss Enoch. He's going to be taken up. So, we better get in." So, they watched closely as the days passed by.



You know, Noah watched Enoch, for when Enoch come up missing, he knowed judgment was at hand. He got to hanging around the ark, but Noah didn't go up. He just lifted a little piece off and rode over the tribulations. He was carried through the tribulation period to die the death. See? But Noah was carried through; Enoch was translated without death: a type of the Church being caught up with those who are asleep to meet the Lord in the air, and the rest of the church is carried over into the tribulation period. Can't make nothing else out of it myself. Enoch raptured, no death...

Branham, 63-0318  THE.FIRST.SEAL


Just like Noah kept watching Enoch. When Enoch went, Noah said, "Better get close to the ark. The time is at hand." Noah kept watching Enoch (See?) and John watched for the sign that Jesus told him--or God told him to watch. He said, "He's standing right here now somewhere among you. I don't know Him, but I will know Him."

Branham, 63-0320  THE.THIRD.SEAL_


Now that was absolutely contrary to all scientific measurements of that day. See, it had never rained. There--there was no moisture in the air. And God had watered the earth through irrigation, up through the earth, with springs. And there was no water for such, no water in the skies.

Science in that day were probably more able. They achieved more then than they--they are able to explain today. They built the pyramids in Egypt, the sphinxes. They could never build that again. Those stones that high in the air, we haven't got nothing to put it up there with, or no power to lift it. But somehow they were able to accomplish it in the days of Enoch and Noah, before the flood. And perhaps they shot the moon, and might have had astronauts, and so forth. We don't know.

Branham, 64-0305  PERSEVERANT


Now, perfectly, Noah was a type of those carried over. Remember, when Noah come out, Ham was with him. Sin was still in there. Sin went right on over, through the ark. Unbelief, doubt, went over in the ark, carried above the judgment. But Enoch went higher than the ark, he went on into the Presence of God. But Noah went through and come out, and there was still sin; type of the Millennium, of the world's condition.



Now it's the same thing today. We're at the end time. Now, those people ought to have known, see. Now, you noticed, Noah was a type of the Jews that'll be carried over through the Tribulation. Enoch was a type of the--of the real Message, of translation of the Church, for Enoch was taken up and then the flood came. And both of them... The first prophet, Enoch, was taken out of the way so Noah could go on with his--with his... God could go on with Noah. And now the Church will be taken away so that God can deal again with the Jews, the remnant of the Jews, the hundred and forty-four thousand, as we've been through it in the Scriptures here.

Branham, 64-0816  PROVING.HIS.WORD


Now, go back unto the 5th chapter (I think it is) of Genesis, and then go also over into the Book of Luke (wished I could find it; I wrote it all down here--if I could find it in here) and you'll find out that in the genealogies, nowhere in the Bible... If... Look. If Noah--if Enoch is the seventh from Adam, the Bible said, "Adam and then his son Seth," because Cain was not Adam's seed. It said Adam begot Seth, and Seth begot... Jared; Jared begot, all the way down to Enoch; and Enoch was the seventh from Adam. Nowhere did it ever speak that Cain was ever considered to be anything in the genealogies of God.

Branham, 64-0830M  QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.3


Now we find here that Enoch was the seventh from Noah, which was a type of the church ages. Now, all of the rest of the six men, before him, died, but Enoch was translated. Enoch was raptured, the seventh, showing that it's the seventh church age that takes the Rapture. Now, there's no doubt, we're in the seventh church age. We all know it.

Now, it's the seventh church age that takes the Rapture. All of the other six died. But Enoch was translated, because, "He was not found. God took him." But Enoch, raptured, was a type of all of the rest of them dying. But the--the end-time Bride will be called out of the... The rapturing, without death, will be called out of the seventh church age, which we are now bearing record of that age. Oh, my! Let's dig in now, real deep. See?

Branham, 65-1204  THE.RAPTURE