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Scriptural Issues


To many Christians, the Book of Enoch contains portions of text that are not compatible with Christian theology.   One example is that of the Book of Enoch’s account of the angel “Phanuel”, who is never mentioned in the Bible.  In this passage from the Book of Enoch, it appears that Phanuel replaces Jesus Christ as the mediator between God and mankind for repentance.  This is in strong opposition of 1st Timothy 2:5, which states that Jesus Christ is the only Mediator between God and men.


From the Book of Enoch:


1 And after that I saw thousands of thousands and ten thousand times ten thousand, I saw a multitude

2 beyond number and reckoning, who stood before the Lord of Spirits. And on the four sides of the Lord of Spirits I saw four presences, different from those that sleep not, and I learnt their names: for the angel that went with me made known to me their names, and showed me all the hidden things.

3 And I heard the voices of those four presences as they uttered praises before the Lord of glory.

4 The first voice blesses the Lord of Spirits for ever and ever.

5 And the second voice I heard blessing

6 the Elect One and the elect ones who hang upon the Lord of Spirits. And the third voice I heard pray and intercede for those who dwell on the earth and supplicate in the name of the Lord of Spirits.

7 And I heard the fourth voice fending off the Satans and forbidding them to come before the Lord

8 of Spirits to accuse them who dwell on the earth. After that I asked the angel of peace who went with me, who showed me everything that is hidden: ‘Who are these four presences which I have

9 seen and whose words I have heard and written down?’ And he said to me: ‘This first is Michael, the merciful and long-suffering: and the second, who is set over all the diseases and all the wounds of the children of men, is Raphael: and the third, who is set over all the powers, is Gabriel: and the fourth, who is set over the repentance unto hope of those who inherit eternal life, is named Phanuel.’

10 And these are the four angels of the Lord of Spirits and the four voices I heard in those days.

Book of Enoch


Also, the Book of Enoch describes a much different version of Jesus Christ than most Christians believe.  When the Book of Enoch describes the “Son of Man”, which most Christians believe to be referring to Jesus Christ (Mark 2:10-11), it does not describe single deity.  Instead, it describes one separate from the “Lord of Spirits” and from the “Head of Days”.  In fact, the Book of Enoch describes the “Son of Man” being named in the presence of the “Lord of Spirits”.


1 And in that place I saw the fountain of righteousness Which was inexhaustible: And around it were many fountains of wisdom: And all the thirsty drank of them, And were filled with wisdom, And their dwellings were with the righteous and holy and elect. 2 And at that hour that Son of Man was named In the presence of the Lord of Spirits, And his name before the Head of Days. 3 Yea, before the sun and the signs were created, Before the stars of the heaven were made, His name was named before the Lord of Spirits.

Book of Enoch



In the Book of Enoch, men are created in the image of the angels, not in the image of God, and Satan is not the source of evil.  According to Enoch, the angel Penemue taught mankind the secrets of angelic wisdom, and in doing so, created the fall of mankind.


8 ...And the fourth was named Penemue: he taught the

9 children of men the bitter and the sweet, and he taught them all the secrets of their wisdom. And he instructed mankind in writing with ink and paper, and thereby many sinned from eternity to

10 eternity and until this day. For men were not created for such a purpose, to give confirmation

11 to their good faith with pen and ink. For men were created exactly like the angels, to the intent that they should continue pure and righteous, and death, which destroys everything, could not have taken hold of them, but through this their knowledge they are perishing, and through this power

12 it is consuming me.

Book of Enoch


The Book of Enoch is filled with esoteric knowledge and worship of the sun, moon, and stars – which is opposed to the doctrine of most Christians.  As the Book of Enoch describes an Enoch walking through the heavens, it claims that he was given “secret knowledge” of the stars and their movements.


1 Those men took me, and led me up on to the fourth heaven, and showed me all the successive goings, and all the rays of the light of sun and moon.

2 And I measure their goings, and compared their light, and saw that the sun’s light is greater than the moon’s.

3 Its circle and the wheels on which it goes always, like the wind going past with very marvellous speed, and day and night it has no rest.

4 Its passage and return (are accompanied by) four great stars, (and) each star has under it a thousand stars, to the right of the sun’s wheel, (and by) four to the left, each having under it a thousand stars, altogether eight thousand, issuing with the sun continually.

5 And by day fifteen myriads of angels attend it, and by night A thousand.

6 And six-winged ones issue with the angels before the sun’s wheel into the fiery flames, and a hundred angels kindle the sun and set it alight.

Book of The Secrets Of Enoch, Chapter 11, XI



1 And again those men led me away to the western parts, and showed me six great gates open corresponding to the eastern gates, opposite to where the sun sets, according to the number of the days three hundred and sixty-five and A quarter.

2 Thus again it goes down to the western gates, (and) draws away its light, the greatness of its brightness, under the earth; for since the crown of its shining is in heaven with the Lord, and guarded by four hundred angels, while the sun goes round on wheel under the earth, and stands seven great hours in night, and spends half (its course) under the earth, when it comes to the eastern approach in the eighth hour of the night, it brings its lights, and the crown of shining, and the sun flames forth more than fire.

Book of The Secrets Of Enoch, Chapter 14, XIV



Then the elements of the sun, called Phoenixes and Chalkydri break into song, therefore every bird flutters with its wings, rejoicing at the giver of light, and they broke into song at the command of the Lord.

2 The giver of light comes to give brightness to the whole world, and the morning guard takes shape, which is the rays of the sun, and the sun of the earth goes out, and receives its brightness to light up the whole face of the earth, and they showed me this calculation of the sun’s going.

3 And the gates which it enters, these are the great gates of the calculation of the hours of the year; for this reason the sun is a great creation, whose circuit (lasts) twenty-eight years, and begins again from the beginning.

Book of The Secrets Of Enoch, Chapter 15, XV



1 Those men showed me the other course, that of the moon, twelve great gates, crowned from west to east, by which the moon goes in and out of the customary times.

2 It goes in at the first gate to the western places of the sun, by the first gates with (thirty)-one (days) exactly, by the second gates with thirty-one days exactly, by the third with thirty days exactly, by the fourth with thirty days exactly, by the fifth with thirty-one days exactly, by the sixth with thirty-one days exactly, by the seventh with thirty days exactly, by the eighth with thirty-one days perfectly, by the ninth with thirty-one days exactly, by the tenth with thirty days perfectly, by the eleventh with thirty-one days exactly, by the twelfth with twenty-eight days exactly.

3 And it goes through the western gates in the order and number of the eastern, and accomplishes the three hundred and sixty-five and a quarter days of the solar year, while the lunar year has three hundred fifty-four, and there are wanting (to it) twelve days of the solar circle, which are the lunar epacts of the whole year.

4 Thus, too, the great circle contains five hundred and thirty-two years. 

5 The quarter (of a day) is omitted for three years, the fourth fulfills it exactly.

6 Therefore they are taken outside of heaven for three years and are not added to the number of days, because they change the time of the years to two new months towards completion, to two others towards diminution.

Book of The Secrets Of Enoch, Chapter 16, XVI

7 And when the western gates are finished, it returns and goes to the eastern to the lights, and goes thus day and night about the heavenly circles, lower than all circles, swifter than the heavenly winds, and spirits and elements and angels flying; each angel has six wings.

8 It has a sevenfold course in nineteen years.


In the Christian Bible, the Book of Deuteronomy condemns worship of the sun, moon, and stars.  It was considered pagan worship, practiced by most non-Jewish cultures.  


And beware lest you raise your eyes to heaven, and when you see the sun and the moon and the stars, all the host of heaven, you be drawn away and bow down to them and serve them, things that the LORD your God has allotted to all the peoples under the whole heaven.

Deuteronomy 4:19



Interestingly, the Book of Enoch also includes what many today would consider science fiction or fantasy.  It describes a race of people that were as tall as Noah’s ark was long.  The author of the book appears to have taken creative liberties with the passage from Genesis 6:4 describing the “Nephilim”.  The Book of Enoch claims that the fallen angels had sex with mankind, and the offspring were three hundred cubits tall.


7:12 Whose stature was each three hundred cubits. These devoured all which the labor of men produced; until it became impossible to feed them;

7:13 When they turned themselves against men, in order to devour them;

7:14 And began to injure birds, beasts, reptiles, and fishes, to eat their flesh one after another, and to drink their blood.

7:15 Then the earth reproved the unrighteous.


In this story from the Book of Enoch, it is “Jeqon” who led the angels astray, not Lucifer:


4 The name of the first Jeqon: that is, the one who led astray [all] the sons of God, and brought them

5 down to the earth, and led them astray through the daughters of men. And the second was named Asbeel: he imparted to the holy sons of God evil counsel, and led them astray so that they defiled

6 their bodies with the daughters of men. And the third was named Gadreel: he it is who showed the children of men all the blows of death, and he led astray Eve, and showed [the weapons of death to the sons of men] the shield and the coat of mail, and the sword for battle, and all the weapons.

Book of Enoch, chapter 69:4-6


The book of Enoch describes the lights in the skies as “Watchers”, guardian angels over mankind.  During a time when the United States was beginning a fascination with unidentified lights in the sky, this passage appears to have caught the attention of Gordon Lindsay, William Branham’s campaign manager.  Lindsay was a firm believer in the Book of Enoch and its "watchers.”  He theorized that the UFOs of the 1950s were actually the “watchers” from the Book of Enoch.    He is known for a series of books to advance this theory:


  • The Mystery of the Flying Saucers in the Light of the Bible - 1954
  • The Antichrists Have Come - 1958
  • The Signs of the Times in the Heavens - 1972


These books were all published through the Voice of Healing publishing company created by William Branham to promote his campaign.  Through Voice of Healing, Lindsay authored and edited a series of articles describing his UFO fascination:


  • Signs in the Heavens - 1953
  • The Mystery of the Flying Saucers - 1954
  • Further Developments On the Flying Saucers - 1954
  • Men in the Flying Saucers Identified - 1954
  • Flying Saucers, Atomic Bombs and the Second Coming of Christ - 1955


Lindsay’s UFO fascination appears to have influenced William Branham’s sermons. During the years of Lindsay's publications, Branham himself began to promote Lindsay's books through a series of statements confirming the idea that fallen angels were entering our world.


The whole Book of Revelations was showed John by an Angel. "I, Jesus, have sent My Angel to testify." Is that right?

So Angels are ministering Spirits, usually come in the form of lights.

Branham, 51-0502  The Angel of the Lord


Did you notice the Angels that come down, investigated Sodom before Sodom was destroyed? You remember that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] There was a bunch of them come down, three of them. One of them stayed with Abraham. You remember that? [“Amen.”] They were Lights from Heaven, that came down in the investigating judgment. One’s…

Branham, 63-0728  Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed


And said, "I looked back in the east, and I saw, look like, a spot, like one of them flying saucers." 269 See, the world don't know what that is, you know. You know it's on. We know what it is. See? We know it's investigating, judgment Angels, you see. And how at the Pentagon and all, about how it comes right down; and the intelligence, how they can [Brother Branham snaps his fingers once -Ed.] go like a flash and be gone, pull away from anything they got. See, they don't realize what it is, see. Let them think whatever they want to. They call it flying saucers, or whatever. They don't know, see.

Branham, 65-0815 - And Knoweth It Not