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Any follower of William Branham is familiar with his command of “the spirits.” He would enter an auditorium and say things like “I take every spirit in this auditorium under my control,” like a grand sorcerer of the dark ages.


To the common believer who has not studied his or her Bible, this is fascinating. To the one who has studied and found it to be an abomination before the Lord, it is very sickening.


And notice, now. Like this street here's where mortals live. Mortals are influenced from an outside world. I should understand by the grace of God. I deal with spirits. And I should know what I am speaking of.

And I look along through this dark mass of gaiety. Every once in a while, you'll see little lights a burning. Lights, that's... There you are. It's your table today. Lights a burning. that's Christians in the darkness giving light. See what I mean?


Now, look at this here. The sinner is influenced by a spirit because he has a spirit. And the wrong gives influence and the right gives influence. And those who are dominated from-­-­with blackness and separation, are dominated from the underworld of devils.


Look. The first thing when you... Here when you're going out of this line now, get this straight. Here's where mortals live. A whole conglomeration is blackness and darkness. And in there is little lights, placed now and then.


That's Christians borned-­again of Light. "Ye are-­-­you are a light that is set on a hill. A candle that is set in the room and gives light to all the room." That's what a Christian is amongst darkness. You're supposed to shine where it's dark.


Now, notice. The wicked or the unbeliever is influenced from beneath. There is a trinity of hell like there's a trinity of heaven. They're influenced by evil powers. Notice. The first thing, when you start down, the first thing you find is a realm here that's got the unsaved in it. That's right. That's where Jesus went and preached to the souls that were in prison that repented not in the long-­ suffering in the days of Noah. The next is demons. And the next is hell itself. The world is influenced by these demon powers through this trinity. And the Christians are influenced by a Spirit too, the Holy Spirit.


The first is the Holy Spirit, above, for Christians. The next layer is Angels. And the next heavens is God. Holy Spirit, Angels and God... The Holy Spirit come a past Angels, come down to redeem sinners.









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