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In a highly controversial 1965 sermon by William Branham entitled "Marriage And Divorce," Branham lays down a doctrine that would ruin the lives of thousands. Satan, Branham said, designed the female. Worse, he said that Satan continues to use his creative power to change women, making them more beautiful.


"She is the only specie, specie of female, that is made prettier than the


male. There is not another specie among anything. All other creatures of God is beautiful males, such as in animals, birds, and so forth, always the male is pretty. Look at the big buck deer, big fine horns, great specie; and the little, humble doe. Look at the big rooster with all of his pretty feathers; and the little, brown hen. Look at the birds, the cock and the hen. Why, why was it such, of all the creatures of God? Every creature, in the male is the


prettiest. Between the sheep, between the--the hogs, between the horses,


between anything else, it's always the big male that's pretty, and in the


birds. But in the human race, it's the woman that's pretty, not the man; if he is,


there is something wrong, there is crossed-up seed somewhere. Originally it's


that way. Why, why was it done? To deceive by. Her designer, Satan, is still


working on her, too, in these last days." -Branham, 65-0221M


At the surface, one might think that Branham was speaking only of the "modern women" that he preached so harshly against. But let's examine the points raised in this single paragraph:


1.  Satan designed women, from the Garden of Eden. (Not just 'modern women', Branham compared the entire race of females)

2.  Woman was made by Satan to deceive


3.  Satan continually changes women, making them more deceptive


4.  Male humans are not "beautiful"


5.  If a man is good looking, he is "crossed-up seed," freaks of nature.


Though this doctrine does not align with the Bible, this sermon by Branham is taught to over two million followers as scriptural truth. Not knowing that Branham was a false prophet with many failed visions, followers place Branham's recorded sermons equal to or greater than the Bible.


His hatred for women was so great that Branham added words to the Bible and claimed that it was “Thus Saith The Lord.”


The Bible plainly teaches, if a woman cuts her hair, her husband has a right to divorce her, put her away. Said if she cuts her hair, she dishonors her head, her

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