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to hide the hidden secrets from the people. At the time, most of the church had never heard of a single apologetic site, and I was the one that was holding the key that could unlock their chains of bondage. So not just me -­-­ my wife -­-­ must be shunned.


That leads us into the next sign of a cult: questioning.


People are not allowed to question the leaders or the doctrine. If there is a problem it is always that of the individual's and they are at fault. Since the doctrine is the 'TRUTH' any flaw is viewed as the believer's imperfection.


We have proven that William Branham lied about his past. He lied about his commission. He lied about his motives. He lied about his prophecies. He even lied about the Word of God. It was NOT the truth, but his words are held as truth to the cult mind. Because I had a question, not only myself, but also my wife, had a “spiritual disease.” It was my imperfection for questioning in the first place, not the man who was caught lying on recorded sermon.


People have the freedom to join but not the freedom to leave a destructive cult. There's not a legitimate reason for a person to ever leave and those doing so will have evil befall them.


Any person born and raised in the cult of William Branham who has now experienced freedom will tell you that this is the most difficult one. There are no physical chains of


bondage. There are no locked doors and no guards standing with automatic rifles to shoot you down as you leave.


But once you leave, you are cursed. You will be told that your only reason for leaving the cult was because there was something wrong with you. You will likely die. Worse, there will be a few members that will try to make that happen. One lady who left and started a support group had her brakes cut. Another had her business shut down by Internet attack, and she lost her entire clientele.


You are easily welcomed into the cult of William Branham, but you may never leave. William Branham’s cult is “Hotel California.”


To the cult mind that has been brainwashed enough to take William Branham’s word over their own bibles, there is little hope. Only God can save them. There is no argument once they have denied God by denying their own bible.


The cult mind who has not been programmed that deeply can find escape after seeing documented proof of some of William Branham’s many lies, which you can now easily find on one of several websites -­-­ or even by searching to see Branham’s own words condemn himself as a liar.



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