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Branham mentions Wormwood all throughout his ministry, sometimes mistakenly calling the evil angel “Woodworm.”


In 1959, a sermon entitled “Conference With God,” Branham describes all of the angels in the Garden of Gethsemane looking at Jesus who is now just a man. The only three that are named are Gabriel, Michael, and Woodworm. …two angels that are the “good guys,” and one fallen angel.


Oh, there was Gabriel, Michael, Woodworm, all the thousands of them setting around the rock.


Branham admits that Wormwood is a fallen angel in 1951, so he knows that this is one of the bad guys. In “The Hour Is Come,” William Branham says this:


He's called Wormwood. He falls down. He has controls of all the waters.




What is William Branham doing preaching about a fallen angel? Especially when he KNOWS that Wormwood is a fallen angel?


It is interesting, because later in 1951, a sermon entitled “Believest Thou This,” Branham describes Wormwood communicating with “the master”:


I can see one of them come up; he's called Wormwood. He's the angel over all


the waters. I can see him rustle up, quick up beside of the throne and say,

"Master, have You looked down, down there? Why, they're fixing to burn up

three faithful believers." I can hear the Master say, "Yes, Wormwood, I've


watched them all night long."





I can hear the Master say, "Gabriel, you're true. You've been a real Angel. You've done everything I've told you to do since I created you. But put that sword back in the sheath. I can't let you go." And Gabriel sheathed his sword, stood attention at His side. Here comes another Angel. What's his name? Is that Wormwood? He'd got a control over all the waters. 53-­0831 GOD.TALKED.TO.MOSES


When Branham describes the two angels that spoke with Abraham, he places this fallen angel into the story:


We're made out of sixteen elements. He just got some potash, and some calcium, some petroleum, cosmic light, the "Whew!" "Step in that, Gabriel," a body! "Whew!" "Step in that, Wormwood." He stepped in it. Two Angels, out of Heaven!




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