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said that operation couldn't be performed on that brain, but I tell you what you do. You, tomorrow, you just go ahead with this baby. Within the next three days you're going to meet a black-­headed woman on the street, and that woman's going to ask you what's the matter with that baby. And then she's going to tell you of some little country doctor out here that can perform that operation, and you won't want to believe it, because that Mayo's turned it down and said it was impossible to be done. But that's the only chance your baby has, through the power of God, the mercy of God and that operation. Now, if you believe me to be His prophet, go do as I tell you." Like putting the figs on Hezekiah, and so forth. He said, he turned around and said, "Thank you," walked off.


Two days or more had passed, and he was down on the street one day, and a lady walked up, said, "What's the matter with your baby?" Said, "It's got a-­-­a brain disease." And he was going on talking like that. And, well, they-­-­they thought it was awful bad, you know. So he said just in a few minutes something taken place. She said, "Sir, I know of someone who can do that operation."


He said, "Lady, look, Mayo Brothers give it up and said it can't be done." Said, "A man up here was praying for it, named Brother Branham." Said, "He's made a prayer for the baby." He said, "Wait a minute. Black-­headed, wearing a gray coat." And said, "That's her." Said, "Where is that doctor?" And he told him. Took him up there and the doctor performed the operation; the baby got well.


Now, that come through the "Reader's Digest." You see? And Mayo Brothers called me in on an interview for that. Said, "Reverend Branham, what did you do to the baby?" I said, "Nothing, I never touched it. I only told what God told me to tell it. The man obeyed it."


Branham: Demonology 2 June 9, 1953























                                                                                 Page 85