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and how they rode all the way from Winnipeg, Canada, to Costa Mesa, California. And they got in there, broke, and the father tells about had to change the little diapers on it, little boy about seven or eight years old, just perfectly helpless. And how he was, couldn't get a chance to eat nor nothing, and said his little boy could just hear him talk and he could tell the way his eyes looked that he was-­-­he was trying to smile, you know, and know that he'd-­-­he'd tell him different sights he would seeing over in America.


And when they got in there to California, they said to the traveler's aid, what he come to see. He said, "Come to see a Divine what?" And a big question mark.'Course, you could imagine what America said about it. You see? See, that's us. See? "We so smart. We know everything, you know, and there's no need of telling us anything. We got it all wrote down." See?So then, so, "A Divine what? Come all the way from Winnipeg, Canada?" Why, they thought that was horrible.


Anyhow, the newspaper catched a-­-­a car and sent him over there. And he said, when they got to the line, where it was at, said twenty-­seven hundred people was waiting to be prayed for. But said, when they seen that deformed, little looking boy, and that poor daddy with his cap on, his ragged coat, said everybody just stepped aside and give him his place. When he hit the platform...


It's against the rules to swap a ca-­-­prayer card. Somebody must come to the meeting and get your own card. If they ever caught in the line, swapping prayer cards on somebody else, the prayer card's dishonored. See? Because you must come, hear the instructions and know how to receive it. It's up to you. You can't get it for someone else. You have to come, get it yourself, so you hear. Some big person said, "If, well, I don't believe much in this thing, but maybe if he'll heal me, I..." See? And then that causes a fuss at the platform, so they just cull that thing out before it gets there.


So when the boy started, or the father started on the platform ahead of the people, Billy asked him for his prayer card. He didn't have any. Said, "Then I'm sorry, sir." Said, "You'll have to wait." He said, "All right." Said, "I'll wait." Said, "I'll just take my turn like the others, then." Said, "I didn't know I had to do this." And so I was talking to someone; I happened to hear it. I seen that father go away, and I said, "What was the matter?" He said, "He didn't have a prayer card." And Something said to me, "Bring him back." So I said, "Bring him here." And the father come up, and the tears running down his face, needing shaving and... And he-­-­he walked up, and here's the "Reader's Digest" said the... I asked no questions, but looked right straight in the face of the baby, told the baby where it was from; it had been to Mayo's Clinic; and all about what was the matter with it, how sick it had been, and everything.


And said the father started crying, and started to leave. And said he started off the platform, and he turned around, he said, "That's right, sir." He said, "But will my baby ever live?" I said, "That I can't say." I said, "Just a moment." I seen a vision appear. I said, "You won't want to believe this, because Mayo's and Hopkins both

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