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Reader's Digest gave the story of a tragic story of a father's love for his child as he travelled to one of the Branham healing campaigns. In 1952, an article entitled "The Miracle of Donnie Morton" was published detailing the account of Arthur Morton and his four-­year-­old son Donnie.


Donny Morton was dying of Meningitis when he entered the prayer lines of the Branham camp. "Your son is suffering from a serious brain malady… But do not give up hope. With faith in God’s power, and help from the medical world, your little son will live," Branham said. In a 1953 sermon, Branham claimed that he saw a vision of the child living through the disease. Though father was told that the boy would be healed, Reader's digest describes how the boy breathed his last breath during complications from meningitis and pneumonia. He died of Meningitis Serosa Traumatica, the same disease that caused his father to seek out the faith healer. Though Branham announced the child would live, sadly, he never recovered.


The publicity of Reader's Digest was more powerful than William Branham could overlook. The story of Donnie Morton would be retold over and over in Branham's ministry, however the end result was often left out of the story. Read the full story here.


The Miracle According To Branham


Now, in the "Reader's Digest," it wrote up there. I was standing out there. We had twenty-­seven hundred people waiting to get prayed for, standing out there. You read the article. And a man come down from Canada, and he had a little boy that had been to Mayo's and John Hopkins, a serious brain disease that drawed its little hands in like this, and drawed its legs up under it, and they said, "There's not even an operation or nothing can be done."


So he took it back to Canada. He said, "I'm not whipped yet." You get November's issue of the "Reader's Digest," and it's called the-­-­the-­-­"The Miracle Of Donny Morton." And-­-­and then said that the-­-­in there, that the-­-­that the man said, "I'm not whipped yet, because I know a faith healer named William Branham that caused two of my friends who was deaf and dumb to speak and hear."


And they called to try to find where I was at in-­-­in America yet. And I was over in Costa Mesa, California. And if... The article when you read it, get ready to cry. It'll just break your heart, how he went through snowdrifts and everything else with that baby. He said, "Be careful, Donny." Said, "Now, we're not defeated." And the little boy couldn't even smile, hardly; he was so afflicted. Said, "We're not defeated; we're going to ask God. We'll go to God's prophet and ask him."


So then they come through the snow. And they finally got down there, and the mother was coming with them, and they didn't have money enough to go by airplane, so they sent the mother back, and the boy and daddy had to come on a bus,

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