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William Branham had a fascination for FBI agents. To the point that he thought every one of them who attended a meeting were converted.


The problem is, the ones that he "converted" were not FBI agents. Neither George J.

Lacy or Al Farrar were FBI.


Al Farar was a police officer for 25 years, from 1927 to 1952. He went on to be a state legislator.


Branham saw him in 1950 (or before) while he was a police chief, and was very clear in saying Farrar was FBI -­-­ because all FBI agents who attend meetings were evidently saved for some reason -­-­-­ a very odd thing to say.


"I said, "Every time an FBI agent come in my meeting he got-­-­they got saved. Their chief got saved in my meeting, Captain Al Farrar" I said, and, oh, I said, "No FBI does anything like that."




The next morning, they flew the picture away to Washington, DC for a copyright. Before it could be released, it had to go before the FBI examinations. And when they did, they went and got the best, George J. Lacy, the best there is in the United States. He kept it for two or three days, and to see if there was any touch-­up, or anything was wrong, that picture would...


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