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No, you have to ease into it before giving them the “loaded language.” They would be confused by it. You have to understand, and more than that, you have to accept the entire set of prophecies “by faith,” because not a single one of them can be proven to be accurate. (because they are not).


Members are trained to disbelieve any criticism. Critical words are explained away in advance as " the lies Satan puts in people's minds"


Cult leaders, and all the men surrounding them, will make you try to prove a negative with your questions, and then condemn you for doing it. It does not matter if William Branham prophesied about the wrong bridge, falsely claiming that he had a vision in his childhood about sixteen men falling off of a bridge -­-­ when he got the wrong bridge and sixteen men fell off of another bridge built long before Branham was born.


The cult will ask you to “try and prove that sixteen men DIDN’T fall off of that bridge!”


Then, when a group of people like “” DOES prove that sixteen men did not fall from the wrong bridge, the cult will tell you that Satan has tricked them by hiding the information that does not exist.


In the Old Testament, the prophets had scribes. These scribes wrote the prophecy in multiple scrolls, because the words did not come from the prophet. They were the words of GOD. Sometimes, the Word from the Lord was written on stone pillars for all to see.


The events were so clear that when the prophecy came to pass, it was easily identified in either a scroll or a stone pillar. Yahweh WANTED the people to see that He was God. He did not want to hide it so that only a specific few would find it. God loves the WORLD. He does not want a single person to be lost, though many people deny Him.


Members are told to avoid contact with ex-­members, those who could provide the most information are ones to be especially shunned.


My poor wife is the worst-­case scenario of this. I was shunned, because I questioned “the prophet.” Before a single book was published, before a single article was written, before a single video was posted, I was ex-­communicated for questioning the prophet. None of my past friends or family were allowed to speak, the pastor referencing Ananias and Sapphira. These two men, according to the book of Acts were stealing money, making a mockery of the early church through serving Mammon. Much different than my questioning failed prophecy.


But my wife, also ex-­communicated, had absolutely nothing to do with the situation. The pastor did not care about her soul, and did not even ask her if she was still a believer. Though he was a family member, my own grandfather, his only motive was

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