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Though William Marrion Branham claimed to have received "divine revelation" of the Seven Seals and Church Ages, much of his content came directly from the works of Clarence Larkin. The majority of the "revelation" came from Larkin's "Dispensational Truth." Though Branham added a "Messenger" to each age, the dates of the ages are copied directly from Larkin.


In Branham's "Church Age" book, readers will find that entire sentences were copied and pasted in an attempt to claim Larkin's work as his own. Branham would admit to reading the works of Larkin, but would never admit to the plagiarism until his death in 1965.


To this day, followers believe these 'Seven Church Ages' are divine revelation by William Marrion Branham, and that Branham himself was the "messenger" for the last church age.












































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