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follower submits a question, and Branham, the cult leader, gives the answer with the ultimate authority. Many times, the answers conflicted with themselves, and conflicted with the words of the Apostles or even Jesus Christ.


But to the programmed cult mind, and like the cult follower I spoke with described, the words of the cult leader are more authentic than the words of Jesus Christ that are written in the Bible.


Members are assigned specific goals and tasks thus restricting their free time and behavior. In destructive cults there is always something to do.


This one really, REALLY bothers me. The cult headquarters, Voice of God Recordings, holds camps for the children, and they teach the children to study the recorded sermons of William Branham. While Christian churches teach their children to study the Bibles, free time is devoted to studying cult propaganda.


It is strange when I consider my free time after escaping the cult versus while being enslaved. I really can’t account for all of my hours while trapped. And yet, my lifestyle after leaving has increased my workload and my time spent in apologetics.


Yet, while working hours from sunup to sundown after leaving the cult, it seems like I have more time for church, friends, and more. My family time, while it seems lessoned with my work in apologetics, is more quality family time. The restriction seems not only to be in quantity, but in quality.


The cults "loaded language" keeps members feeling special and separate from the world around them. It also confuses newcomers and implies that they must simply "study harder" in order to "understand". Understanding simply means believing.


Christian churches teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Good news that God so loved the world, that He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. Christ fulfilled the part of the Old Covenant that mankind was unable to fulfill, bearing our sins on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice. He died and rose again, so that we can rise with them.


It’s not hard to proclaim, really. It is easy to explain, because that comes straight from the pages of the Bible.


But to enslave a new member of the cult of William Branham, you have to EASE into it. You can’t unload quickly on them that they must believe in prophecies of egg-­ shaped cars, black squirrels, antlers, and “mystery clouds” that look exactly like T.H.O.R. missile detonations. If you did, people would look at you, and BUST A GUT laughing at your nonsense!



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