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Oddly enough, one day later, he realized that Communism was no longer feared:


But these religious teachers are trying to put it on communism, when they don't realize it's working right in their own midst.





Confusing? It Confused Rev. Branham, also.


Heading up in the federation of churches, which will finally join with Romanism to fight Catholicism-­-­or with Catholicism to fight Communism. Pope John is calling for all the churches to come back, and they will. And they'll unite themselves together, just exactly what THUS SAITH THE LORD. BRANHAM, 60-­0221



Suddenly, the American people no longer feared communism. Probably because they saw that Communism was fading quickly. It was Catholicism that was feared. Quickly, the “vision” changed:


Keep your eyes on Russia. She'll all wind up in Communism. And then it'll all wind up finally in Catholicism. Remember, it'll all wind up in Catholicism in the end time. That's exactly right. That's at the battle of Armageddon, right over in here when Christ comes Himself.





There was communism, fascism, nazism. They were spirits. Communism is a spirit. It gets on you. See? It's a spirit. And that-­-­it'll be something like that, only I'd... It-­-­it... That really isn't it. But it'll be three spirits just like that, which they was kind of a forerunner of. But, of course, you know where... It's in Catholicism. You see? But I'd-­-­I-­-­I want to get a few things on that straight before I say it (You see?), to be sure that I know what... BRANHAM, 61-­0808 THY.HOUSE_ TIFTON.GA TUESDAY_



Moreover, the “Thus Saith the Lord” changed from communism to Rome, or




It isn't Russia. It's Rome. THUS SAITH THE LORD. Yeah. Show me a Scripture where communism, or anything else besides Rome, will rule.



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