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not only on the surface with appearance, but also inside from the heart. There were pictures on the wall of the church of examples of how NOT to cut your hair if you were a man, and scissors touching a woman’s hair was strictly forbidden even though women shaved their heads during mourning during Jewish custom.


A person must shed his old identity and acquire a new one that is desired by the group.


Religious cults call this “casting away the old man and putting on the new man.” To some extent, this is scriptural, because to follow Christ is to have spiritual rebirth. But religious cults, such as the cult of William Branham, require another new birth after accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You must also accept the “gospel of Branham,” and you must also accept Branham’s opinion of what a new identity looks like -­-­ even when most of that viewpoint cannot be found in scriptures.


The information one is allowed to access and be exposed to is tightly restricted.


This one shocked even me. For the thirty-­seven years I was trapped in the cult of William Branham, I never even knew there were “hidden secrets.” I never knew there were conflicts in Branham’s teachings, but once I found out, I was shocked that so many elders in the cult already knew this and hid it from the people. My grandfather, the pastor of the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, scolded me: “People have known these things for years! What does it hurt you to believe it anyway?”


Information that should be on display is not. Branham’s flyleaf, supposedly containing the six (or seven) visions of 1933, does not exist. So you are not allowed to ask to see it! The death certificates of those raised from the dead that William Branham brags about do not exist. So if you ask for them, you are in violation of the rules.


The doctrine claims to answer all questions and problems. One need not think for themselves, the doctrine does the thinking for him.


Most cult followers admittedly do not even try to understand their bibles. While Peter tells us that the Bible is of no private interpretation, the cult will teach you that only “the prophet” is able to read and understand the scriptures. Therefore, the cult leader gives you all the answers you need to know!


The Church of Latter Day Saints, or Mormons, and the Watchtower Society, or Jehovah’s Witnesses, produced writings with titles like “Questions and Answers.” If memory serves, another cult leader, William Sowders who has a strikingly similar “commission story” to William Branham also had sermons with that title. Those in the cult of William Branham are familiar with these series of sermons, where a

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