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In the early days of the evangelist, there was a “battle of the tents.” Those caught up in the popularity contests worried about who had the bigger tent, in a way that can be compared to the “puffed up” description of the Bible.


This contest has changed as the world changed. There are those who have bigger planes. There are those who have larger convention center meetings filled, and those who have bigger foundations. Not many of them even think about tents – nobody would really come to one in the heat of the summer like they did in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.


The truth of the matter: if Branham was alive today, he would not be looking for a big tent, there would simply be no need for one. Many cities, big and small, have convention centers. There are many sports arenas or covered fields. For the ministers with little or no money, there are places to rent that would cost very little from the tithing congregation.


Before it became a “vision” – back when it was “wishful thinking”:


We are really expecting someday for God to give us a tent or something that we can have services in.




One of these days I would like to come back to Jonesboro, go rent some big tent to seat about ten thousand people…




Someday, there's some of the brothers out on the field that... well, they-­-­they probably was a little more prosperous in the financial ways than I was, and they got great big tents…several of them has called me and told me I could have their tent , if I wanted to use it. Some of them seat as many at fifteen thousand. GOD'S.PROVIDED.WAY_ JONESBORO.AR 53-­0513 E-­5



Later, when he tried to borrow money for the tent:


And then back to begin in the big new tent seating sixteen thousand people, the new


vans and things…E-­10 And thinking of terms of the tent , and all this great

expense…I'm borrowing a hundred thousand dollars to go with this tent…Yes, sir. It's


from the Lord; it's from the Lord."





Not long after, wishful thinking turned into a vision:





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